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Thread: Any train fans here?

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    Default Any train fans here?

    I can say that my best moments in a pc computer has been playing transport management games and I only played two: Transport Tycoon / OpenTTD and Railroad Tycoon 3. I still remember starting with steamed trains and ending with monorails or maglevs. OpenTTD is one of my favourite games of all time, and I spent memorable times, I still remember how I purchased expensive muscle american locomotives I added two or three connected in series and lots of freight wagons making 200k$ per trip or in Railroad Tycoon 3 starting with old western US trains and ending with modern diesel locomotives.

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    Oh yeah...TTDX was among first dozen of games I ever played, with my very first computer. Good times...and now OTTD, I do play a game from time to a matter of fact, right now I'm sitting in a train, 3 hours till I get to destination, and wouldn't mind a quick multiplayer game....

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