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Thread: Strongholds Of The Samurai V2.0

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    Default Strongholds Of The Samurai V2.0

    V2.0 out now!

    This mod replaces all castles in the campaign with historical accurate castles.
    +New Campaign with realism combat.

    Each castle is inspired and made after illustrations and models of sengoku jidai era castles in Japan.

    In Sengoku Jidai there were estimated 5 thousand castles, many of which were earthwork castles and made of wood.
    This is represented in the mod with the 3 levels:fort-stronghold-fortress being earthwork castles made of wood fortifications, and the latter levels:castle and citadel made of stone.

    Campaign Features:

    - Extended campaign map (Sorry~*Shot you^^ base campaign map)
    - Sengoku Campaign starts in 1570
    - Destin Faroda's Combat Mechanics and stats
    - Dynamic unit caps
    - Regional Units
    - Better formations
    - Increased garrisons
    - CAI changes
    - 70 historical factions
    - 198 historical castles
    - Hundreds of historical Samurai characters. (over 300 generals)
    - Adjusted uniforms, banners and faction colours
    - All Playable Clan have unique Daimyo reskin
    - All playable Clan have unique uniforms
    - No projectile trails and realistic projectile stats
    - No battle map border
    - Extended camerazoom
    - Closer deployement in ambush battles
    - Reinforcement range increased (this helps for larger battles and relief forces for sieges)
    - Longer recruiting time for units (Armies are not so easily replaced)
    - All factions available in custom battle

    - 42 Historical Castles available in campaign and siege custom battles.

    Known issues:
    Some Building tooltips are not working.
    In custom battles units are shown incorrectly to have 99 men or 49 men. In-game they are correct as 100 men and 50 men.
    At Clan selection screen some daimiyo models are not correctly shown (texture bug). In-game they are correct.


    Before you start a campaign go to Options - Graphics and change unit size to LARGE. This makes the units size to show correctly as 100 men for ashigaru units and 50 for samurai units.
    This is how Destin Faroda's Realism Combat made it and I am going to use his unit sizes.

    Maps only available on the Workshop for now(easier to update). I will update frequently there and after I have a final version I will upload it here.
    Delete any previous version you may have (v2.x)
    Workshop link:

    Only the campaign:
    Google Drive:

    Installation: Download all .pack files to Data folder.
    Load the mods from mod manager.

    Extract the archive SOTS_Maps_Custom_Battle.rar to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Shogun2\maps
    You will find the maps in-game at Custom Battle - Sieges. You need the SOTS_Castles mod installed for all maps to work on custom battles.

    SOTS_MAPS Mod can be used as stand-alone if you want only the Castles in campaign. Compatible with all Mods that do not change the castles. Or use it with the campaign files.
    SOTS_MAPS_MOSS submod: use this only with MOSS main files. Do no load any of the mos maps files.

    Spoiler for Changelog

    SOTS_Maps V2.0:
    - Remade all Maps to include gates and walls.
    - Ai defends on walls and to the last man.
    - All mods changed to mod type, load them in mod manager.

    - fixed naval battle crash when boarding ship.

    - Added Daimyo models for major clans.
    - Added Shogun 2 Total Reskin uniforms for all major clans
    - Added New units for Tokugawa; Takeda; Uesugi.
    - Unit variety increased thanks to vastator's mod and DPLFH
    - General Xp decreased (generals increase slower in rank)
    - Longer Tech time.
    - Strategic AI. Builds better armies and buildings
    - CAI improved
    - Increased castles size for better troop placement
    - Remade deployment zones for better AI attack
    - Various Visual adaptations.

    - fixed deployment areas for castles
    - fixed troop placement on walls for all castles

    In-game Screenshots V2.0 click picture to enlarge.
    Spoiler for Forts

    Castle_1 (Don't know the castle real name)

    Kano Castle

    Kongaya Castle

    Koshi Castle

    Misaki Castle

    Otori Yamashiro Castle

    Wakasa Takeda

    Spoiler for Strongholds

    Hisatomi Castle

    Ikeda Castle

    Iwasaki Castle

    Kokdo Castle

    Komoro Castle

    Oshima Castle

    Sugiyama Castle

    Spoiler for Fortress

    Castle2 (Don't know the castle real name)

    Osakura Castle

    Shinku Castle

    Suwabara Castle

    Taketenjin Castle

    Takiyama Castle

    Usui Castle

    Spoiler for Castles

    Hammamatsu Castle

    Numata Castle

    Ota Kinyama Castle

    Pudong Castle

    Sacheon Castle

    Sendai Castle

    Takeda Castle

    Spoiler for Citadels

    Iyo Matsuyama

    Kanazawa Castle

    Nijo Castle

    Odawari Castle (Hojo Capital)

    Osaka Castle

    Tottori Castle

    Wakayama Castle

    Spoiler for Only on SOTS campaing

    Hasegodo Castle

    Kasugayama Castle (Uesugi Capital)

    Nagashino Castle

    Tsutsujigasaki Castle (Takeda capital)

    Ueda Castle

    Matsushiro Castle

    - Sorry~*Shot you^^: Base campaign map mod
    - Destin Faroda: Total Realism Combat Mechanics and unit stats
    - Weierstrass: For helping and giving tips.
    - Shogun 2 Total Reskin: mhawari
    - Vastator's Unit Styles: = Vastator =
    - DPLFH for equipment

    Support me on Patreon or Paypal
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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Creative assembly got it pretty close I see.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Yes. CA box design castles were really accurate.

    All the castles in the photos are WIP and are not final.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Glad to see someone has taken the effort to fix such a glaring issue with the vanilla game. Most castles we see today in Japan either did not have a Tenshu (keep) or had only a very small one during the warring period (the majority of keeps being built only after Toyotomi consolidated his control over the subjugated domains late 1590-ish to early 1600 time frame). Most castles (remember there were thousands of them) didn't even have stone walls and looked much like the forts you created, some with nothing but a motte and maybe a flimsy gate. Is this mod built on Anime's extended map or vanilla map?

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    I am using Sorry Shot You Japan Map. The same used in Master of Strategy.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Kasugayama Castle Uesugi Capital

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Ota Kinyama Castle

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    This is exactly the kind of mod I'm looking for! Will you release a version for vanilla shogun 2?

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    I am planning to make it into 2 files. A file with all the maps and the other file containing the campaign. The file with the maps can be used as standalone with vanilla shogun 2 for example because it changes only the settlements maps. But you will lose some variety because the vanilla campaign map has fewer settlements. With the campaign mod I am also trying to spread all the maps on the campaign map so you won't see the same settlement map too often.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Impresive work. I'm wondering how the AI handle them though

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Odawara Castle - Hojo Capital

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Azuchi Castle - Oda Nobunaga's fortress

    Spoiler for Illustrations

    Spoiler for In-Game Screenshots

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Nagashino Castle

    Spoiler for Nagashino

    Spoiler for New Maps

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Super mod for immersion bravo.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    this is really superb !!!
    Amazing...Awesome....Time to immerse myself back into good old Shogun 2 !

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Looks great. I always felt the lack of diversity b/w different castle towns was a major weakness of S2. When will it be released ?
    Classical World - overhaul mod for Hegemony 3 , Clash of The Ancients. The Real Time Grand Strategy equivalent of Total War

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Oh my god. You're the man bro!!! Looking forward to this mod! I've been looking for mods that change the castles exactly like this mod!

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Quote Originally Posted by sgz View Post
    Looks great. I always felt the lack of diversity b/w different castle towns was a major weakness of S2. When will it be released ?
    I have to test some maps and it will be finished. This weekend I hope.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Oh great i download shogun.
    Will a question be compatible with Master of Strategy.
    Thank you very much.

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    Default Re: Strongholds Of The Samurai

    Wow..thank you, this is the mod i'm looking for always, hope it'll be release soon

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