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Thread: Good strategy/RTS games for low end computer?

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    Default Good strategy/RTS games for low end computer?

    I want to play a good and engaging strategy pc game for a terrible desktop computer. I am happy with games such as Sid Meier's Colonization, engaging and funny games with lots of things to do. My desktop computer is bad but was not purchased to play games but work with Microsoft Office, engineering software, etc. Specs: CPU AMD A10 (a low performance version), RAM 16 GB DDR3, GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 2GB DDR5 (the only good thing). I like strategical/tactical and building games but in this thing I can't afford demanding pc games. I am also interested in Medieval II Total War mods since Med2TW runs decently maxed, unfortunately Rome I runs terrible with terrible lag, I don't know why... I am interested mainly in Attila period, is there any mod for Medieval II Total War based on late Roman Empire (byzantines, fall of Rome, huns, etc.)? or even on Ancient Empires? (greeks, egypts, hittites).

    Thank you all in advance.

    EDIT: Can also be naval warfare.

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    Default Re: Good strategy/RTS games for low end computer?

    Might be a stretch, but I think that computer could handle XCOM (the new one). I'm not familiar with that CPU, but I managed to run it on laptop that's now almost 8 years old with 512MB GPU and 2GB RAM, so...

    But if you are into more complex strategy games, your best bet is to go with old ones. Forget about graphics. Best strategy games came out in years beginning with 199 or 200. You might have to extensively use compatibility modes, enabling DirectPlay feature or even use DosBox, but there is wealth of games available. Age of Empires I+II, Heroes of Might and Magic series, Homeworld series, Master of Orion I+II, Stronghold I+II/Stronghold Crusader, basically the entire Command and Conquer series, Warcraft series, Starcraft...and many more.

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    Default Re: Good strategy/RTS games for low end computer?

    I take it you've got Kingdoms for Med2?
    Haven't tried this one myself bt covers later period of Roman era

    EU Rome is worth looking into. It's a mix of Europa universalis and Crusader Kings. It's also very cheap when it goes on sale around 2 when it does. There's a demo without the expansion on its Steam page.

    Hearts of Iron 2 or Darkest Hour (HOI2 is included in the game) coupled with Victoria 1 Revolutions is a good combination to play from 1836 to 1964. Vic 1 has a built in export function to let you carry on in HOI2. The combat mechanics are far better in Vic 1 than in Vic 2 as they are based on HOI2. I use NATO counters for both of these games because the sprites look meh and more importantly gives more information to the player.

    There's also Vic 2 and Hearts of Iron 3 but you need to get the expansions as this was before the current Paradox patching system. Every expansion patched your game
    You should also try the demos for CK2 and EU4 which are on their relevant Steam store pages as you easily exceed the minimum specs

    Galactic Civ 2 I picked up the other day free on Steam. Lovely sci fi strategy game
    As you said you have Colinaization do you have Civ 4 and Beyond the Sword Expansion. You've also got some very good mods.
    Sword of the Stars 1 simular to Total War as you have turn based campaign with realtime battles. Another game that is very cheap especially when on sale.

    We haven't touched on the Slitherine, Matrix and AEGOD games

    The worlds your oyester when it comes to good games with good content that are also easy on the pocket. The Steam Summer sale is also starting in around 3 weeks time (21st June)
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    Default Re: Good strategy/RTS games for low end computer?

    Hello fans of the RTS games

    We are a team of indie developers, and we are creating a RTS game about the alternative history of the Middle Ages. Visually, our game is similar to the Total War series (in indie performance), but the mechanics of our game are much closer to the StarCraft. A distinctive feature of our game is the dynamics of game events and the balance system of the game sides. More you can find in the YouTube:

    We launched a alpha version of the Taste of Power in free access.
    If you are interested in making a review of the alpha version of our project, we added a link to the alpha version of the game:

    I hope you enjoy the game. I wish you have a nice day!

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