First of all, sorry if a thread like this happened to exist, although I cannot find anyone that have the exact problem like me.

My Rome:Total War (ver 1.5, vanilla) seems to have major problems when it comes to save files. I got three save files that cannot be loaded. If I tried to, the normal loading screen will fade to another loading screen without the quote, and the "Memory could not be read" error pops up.

So, I decide to start a new campaign. At first it went well, but when I played long enough (Around 240 BC-ish), the game will get 'stuck' if I pressed End Turn, the faction symbols on the top will not move at all. I exited and tried to reload the game, but then the save button in the menu is greyed out, so I can't save the game at all. Pressing end turn will still cause the game to get stuck. I can still open the menu and load games, but not save.

Does anyone ever had this kind of problem? Thanks for reading.