Dear members of the TW community,

As a long-time TW & M&B player, former modder and member of the forums, I've long dreamed to create a historical video game of my own.

It is my pleasure to announce I've been working on a title myself for the past years, along with Christoph, a good friend of mine.

After almost a decade in planning and a few years of prototyping and development, we are finally publicly announcing and releasing an Alpha Preview version today! Considering TWCenter has subforums for similar games, I found it fitting to post the announcement here.

The game is currently available via, for the temporary price of $5. We also have a Patreon for those who'd like to go the extra mile to see this project come to life.

Kinstrife is a blend between a party & resource management strategy game, and an action RPG with physics-based combat at the center of engagements.
Historical accuracy and realism are key, but we take some liberties in finding a balance between fun gameplay and these elements.
A lot is still unclear about the direction we will take the campaign mode in, but it will have emergent sandbox gameplay, initially set in a high medieval European setting (AD 1300).

As you may be able to tell from the description, we've taken a lot of inspiration from many classics over the years. The party management and campaign parts of game are inspired by classics such as Jagged Alliance 2, X-COM, and the RPG/Action elements are reminiscent of Mount&Blade's.

Other than the physics-based combat, we often experiment with bringing new ideas into these proven concepts - for instance the attribute system currently works with elements such as pain, consciousness and balance, and we plan to extend it with an elaborate health and wound system.

Although still in early development, this first public version of the game contains:

  • Character customization
  • Physics-based combat preview (only hand to hand)
  • Character showcase

Future versions will have:

  • Historical campaign gameplay with squad management
  • Physics-based armed combat
  • Squad/party tactics

We're quite ambitious with this title and have already poured years of passion into it, yet aren't even close to being done dreaming about exciting features we want to put in the game. Our hopes for the long term are that with some success, we can turn this into a framework for historical storytelling and combat simulation, and extend it with additional settings and time periods.

For more information, you can visit our website. If you want to be involved with the game and the direction it's taking, consider joining our forums!

We'd love to hear your thoughts on it so far! Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Christoph & Khaya

Some Gameplay GIFs:
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