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    Default Ancestors Legacy

    Look what's just released now. Looks like Company of Heroes in Medieval Times with fully functional multiple campaigns and superb soundtrack.

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    1C Company
    Not saying I am biased against Russian company, but I highly advise waiting for a while before getting this game.
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    Hello fans of the RTS games

    We are a team of indie developers, and we are creating a RTS game about the alternative history of the Middle Ages. Visually, our game is similar to the Total War series (in indie performance), but the mechanics of our game are much closer to the StarCraft. A distinctive feature of our game is the dynamics of game events and the balance system of the game sides. More you can find in the YouTube:

    We launched a alpha version of the Taste of Power in free access.
    If you are interested in making a review of the alpha version of our project, we added a link to the alpha version of the game:

    I hope you enjoy the game. I wish you have a nice day!

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    @ feanor1899

    I advise you to create a separate thread with your announcement. The post above is along TWC ToS rather offtopic, or just the question: Why do you post it in this thread of 'Ancestors Legacy' (and which is already duplicate thread)?

    Nonetheless, wish you fun and success with your plans.


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