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Thread: Imperator: Rome - new Paradox title

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    Default Re: Imperator: Rome - new Paradox title

    I forgot the Hellenistic pack. (oops)

    The discount kicks in if you purchase 30 USD or more (I don't know off hand in BP, but it looks equivalent if you are saying 5 BP)
    Buying the game would give you a discount. There is also a red package in which I assume it is possible to earn enough points to get another 5 off.

    I have pre-ordered just two games; Heart of Iron 4 (I was teaching WW2 history at the time and I was already playing HoI3) and now 3K. Why? I am married and between Chinese New Year and Christmas, my wife was agreeable to spending that much. My wife is Chinese and I live in China, so I have a strong interest.

    I personally see no issue preordering especially with free stuff with it. Games are going to be buggy these days. With the current technology, a buggy game is far less detrimental than in the old days.
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    Default Re: Imperator: Rome - new Paradox title

    @herne many thanks!

    @anna_gein Ironically I'm getting fatigued because total war isn't releasing any more DLC!

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    Default Re: Imperator: Rome - new Paradox title

    Can't say i'm not hyped...

    But at the same time I fear that all these new features will result in a less than brilliant launch. They have done worse with simpler things.

    Also I fear a DLC whoring as seem to be common pratice with Paradox lately.

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