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Thread: AI leaving their last settlement

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    Default AI leaving their last settlement

    Is there anything that can be done to stop this from happening? It's such absolute unrealistic bullcrap that a civilization would leave their HOMEland behind and not make a last stand.

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    Usually it is more or less well defended due to the relatively big garrisons, though Id appreciate it if they were even bigger^^
    Instead of increasing numbers of men in the garrison, why not have a garrison at full stack from the beginning and increase troop quality with the city building line?

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    Default Re: AI leaving their last settlement

    Well, actually this makes sense to me within the game's mechanic. Since it is their last settlement and they are probably going to lose it in a siege, they would have a good chance of retaking it by getting away for a turn and hiring mercenary forces. Problem is the AI not always manage to do this. But I've seen it happen a few times. If they just let themselves be besieged, it would mean faction annihilation with no chance of return.

    I myself prefer to not garrison armies inside cities in case of desperate situations not only to avoid the PO penalty so I can retreat in case of losing said settlement. If you stay inside and get overwhelmed, it's sure death for your commander.
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