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Thread: Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

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    Default Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

    Introduction(I have Norse thing's approval, the below paragraph was written by him)

    I am beginning a thread that I hope will attract some interest and many many contributors. This is as of now -- the Un Official Single Post After Action Report (AAR) Thread for Non Total war AAR's on TWC. That was a long title. I will try and give it a shortened handle in the thread title. Official you may ask? Well it is the first and I have officially christened the thread. How more official can we make it?
    This thread is meant to be a posting and commenting thread for single post AAR's for games other than total war. Use any modifications you want or none if that is your fancy. .
    We can even be silly old Duffers here with no embarasment. Or not. That is the joy of this thread. Or perhaps it is a dream of future glory for this thread. Who knows?? If this proves to be popular, maybe it could become an AAR of the Bimonth (AotB). How is that for a cheesey acromyn? Well, no. That might be too much to hope for.
    If you have never written an AAR and you want to start, then this thread is for you. No need to start off with a fear of commitment of years of posting weekly instalments to your AAR. A single post here will get your feet wet. I can assure you that the AAR bug will bite you and bite you hard after even one completed post to this thread.
    Of course if you are one of the old ancient masters of the art in creating an AAR, you are encouraged to make a post here as well and show all of the new guys (that includes me) how a master performs his craft.
    You can within the space of a single post have pictures. You can have character development. You can have conflict. You can have peace. You can and will begin and end with one post. You can snip a bit of a campaign and have it stand on it's own here as well. This can be a single grand battle to the death of a noble king or a tale of an assassin that knows how to keep a blade sharp and well used. You can use modifications if you wish. Even post a single post AAR from the Third Age to inspire other members of the fun playing within that modification as an Orc. Look in your dustbin of prior modifications and create a single post AAR of an older less used modification or post here with the newest and greatest just released modification hosted on TWC (for advertising purposes, of course) Do what you want and have a bit of fun doing it as a single post AAR!
    I will start this off with a single post AAR of the game Plaque inc . This will be setting the bar a bit low, so there will be room for all to post a much better single post AAR. There is nothing like the angry and proud Scots supporting their nobles in battle. So for now, I sign off.

    Enjoy .

    1)The end-A super short Plaque inc AAR by mad orc(Already contributed on TWC before)
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    Welcome to my time machine .

    Check it out ,journey through the times .Also please tell me where on TWC can i post it?

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    Default Re: Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

    The end-A super short Plaque inc with mod AAR .

    Ok ,this AAR has been written in a bad state .I was playing plaque inc evolved on my PC and had modded the dates to show 1377ad instead of 2016ad and so decided to write this 4 line story .

    It came first from the lands of the Mongol sultans of the Chagatai .How it came .What was its origin .Nobody knows .But it spread rapidly .Within a month most people of Khiva were salivating,eating human flesh and acting like maniacs .Now to western Europe,there was nothing new in this .They thought the Mongols to be inhuman .But to the immediate borders of Khiva,the Afgans,Persians,even the Yuan dynasty,they suddenly represented a big threat .Then in 1338 the hordes first appeared .Stronger than any that the world had ever seen .For these people were inhumane zombies .The ‘Devil’s plaque’ had got them .The zombie hordes were in the millions .Soldiers refused to fight,farmers fled taking wiild accounts of the invasion with them,traders fled as far as their extra income could take them ,but there was no escaping .The Sultan of the ‘Illkhanate’ fled to Iraq .Within 3 weeks the zombies had overwhelmed Persia and were quickly advancing further into Iraq and Syria .But then the plaque itself turned the dead into zombies and spread through rats .Soon murdering gangs of rats bit their way through China,Afganistan and finally India .The dead rose up again .This ideally should have made their near and dear ones happy ,but it only brough death .In India Hindus started believing that Pralay(End of one cycle of Brahma which engulfs the world in suffering and death) had arrived .They prayed to Shiva to get rid of the Asuras(Demons) but to no avail .Meanwhile the people of the middle east started running into Egypt .But the zombie hordes now in the millions chased them to Anatolia where more zombies began to form accopianed by murderous rats .Meanwhile in Europe the rats surprisingly remained healthy .The lords and clergy abonded the serfs by locking their castles and preparing for the second black death .In China the murderous rats created millions more zombies but they all died out together in the desert between central Asia and China .Finally Constantinple fell .The Byzantine king turned out to be the only man who actually tried to fight them .But the zombies never came to Europe because some doctor in Poland managed to take out a cure and so the entire world was cured .
    Welcome to my time machine .

    Check it out ,journey through the times .Also please tell me where on TWC can i post it?

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    Default Re: Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

    It's good to see NorseThing's idea of a Single Post AAR thread spreading to a new forum, and also that you obtained NorseThing's approval before using his words to start a Single Post AAR thread.

    Your AAR uses an interesting idea, to set the events of the Plague, Inc game in the 14th century instead of the 21st century. I'm impressed that a 14th century doctor managed to find a cure for a plague, I wonder what the cure would have been (given the level of medical knowledge on that era).

    I noticed the suggestion that Writers' Study staff would update your Table of Contents. That is not likely, unfortunately, as Writers' Study staff already have plenty of work to do. I look forward to seeing what new single post AARs for non-Total War games will emerge.
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    Default Re: Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

    I would like to update this thread myself .These words are Norse thing's and i being the lazy man that i am, forgot to edit them out .
    Welcome to my time machine .

    Check it out ,journey through the times .Also please tell me where on TWC can i post it?

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    Default Re: Unofficial Non Total war single post AAR's thread .

    Interesting! A plague inc. AAR set in 1377+? Zombies in the middle ages? Unique idea! I like how the Hindus started to think that Pralay has arrived, only to be proven wrong by a polish doctor .

    A The Great War AAR

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