I'm imagining an average modern FPS player magically transported into WW2 time in one of the major armies asking where does he get to wear facepaint and put a quickscope silencer on his rifle, and commanding officer just gives him a kick to the trenches.
But seriously, I have little faith in this, especially since this game would have to compete with titles such as Post Scriptum and Hell Let Lose which actually do a good job combining historical realities with balanced tactical gameplay, while the run and gun niche has already been taken by CoD.
There were, in fact, women in WW2 who filled combat roles, but they were all in Red Army, mostly as snipers and night bomber pilots, while Allied armies didn't really have "diversity", for example African-Americans were not "trusted" for combat roles and overwhelming majority of soldiers were white men. The ironic part is that Waffen SS was the most ethnically diverse fighting force in the conflict, but I doubt politically correct Swedes would want to depict that.
Also, as usual, not a sign of Canadians. You know, one of the major armies in Commonwealth. Absolutely disgusting.