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Thread: Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-65

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    today I would like to introduce our small indie strategy game series "Grand Tactician" and our first title "Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-65".

    We´re a small team with almost no budget and work mostly after (and before) our regular work. After almost 2 years of game development we´re proud to present our first trailer:

    GT will have a full playable campaign and detailed battes, both in real time! Hundreds historical commanders, re-enactment and combat footage from LionHeart FilmWorks, and an original soundtrack of old time music and drum and fife band....

    For more information please visit our website: or leave a comment here.
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    Default Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-65

    Looks neat.
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    It looks neat but just FYI a longstanding forum member and moderator here Darth left to make his own Civil War game (which I think turned into Ultimate General Civil War) so not sure how much support you will receive, or maybe you could try and collaborate
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    Hey, yes I know Darth and I played Ultimate General on my iPad. Like it alot, but this is not the game we're develop.

    GT is set somewhere between TW and Scourge of War and because I'm not a native english speaker and already very tierd here a abstract from our FAQ.

    8) What are the main differences to other similar titles, like Total War, Scourge of War, HistWar, or Ultimate General?We decided to start this project, because we thought the computer wargame scene did not have this kind of game yet. That said, all the above are very good games and also enjoyed by the development team. But there are a few important differences:
    - The general approach: we are not aiming at breathtaking visuals, stunning action or beer and pretzels game play. Instead, we try to make everything with realism in mind – not forgetting the player’s ability to handle the information. This means for example, that the battles will not be over in few minutes. And that the campaign will not be a simple rush to build more and better troops and then steamrolling the U.S. We imagine the player, the Grand Tactician, not in a hurry, whacking his mouse like a maniac. Instead, we see him/her sitting back, maybe a coffee mug in hand, scratching his/her forehead about the next move he/she should do.
    - There will be not only battles or only campaign, but both. And these will be intertwined more closely than in other similar titles. We are aiming for a comprehensive game about the Civil War, telling the story of the war in a different way it has been done in computer games before.

    I was a TW modder for many years and playing games of that kind since Fields of Glory (Microprose), Sid Meier's Gettysburg ect... and all I can say is that GT is really unique. A full campaign in real time, large scale battles, multiple days battle, supply system... just to name some of the main features. No of these games has it all.

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    Default Re: Grand Tactician: The Civil War 1861-65

    It seems very interesting I can't wait to see more information on the campaign and the battle , Hardcore fan of Ultimate General

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