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Thread: RC 2.0 Ultimate Updates and Changes

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    JActually Iíve never played with BGRV, though I hear great things about it and would like to, but at the moment itís not implemented in the first version of the release. Maybe in future, especially for the mini-campaigns, that would be great.Perhaps somebody could assist.
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    I'm glad to hear that
    Btw have you ever considered changing unit stats according to their in-battle morale? I mean reduced hit chance, defense skill and attack value. They could be decreased by 10-15% when shaken and up to 30% when wavering or smth like that, as well as an increase of those stats when 'fighting to the death'. I've seen it on another thread and thought it'd be an awesome idea since atm those traits don't matter at all afaik.

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    I'm not aware that that is actually possible? Would be nice though.

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    There you have it, I don't really know how he did it, tho you'll prolly understand it better than me

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    Some interesting stuff but some of the other things look a bit unusual, at least at first glance.

    FYI in the upcoming RC2.0 release I have included an optional sub-mod that can be selected at game start-up called 'Extended Combat'. It reduces the melee, missile weapon and cavalry charge kill rates, as well as reducing the climate heat factor so units don't become prematurely exhausted by the longer combats.

    I have also included another optional sub-mod called 'Reduced Cavalry Charge Effect' which lowers the mass of all mounts, but be advised that this will stack with 'Extended Combat' if you have them both checked.

    FYI the complete list of optional sub-mods is:
    2 Turns Per Year (WiP)
    Campaign AI: one of Lusted AI, Gracul AI, Savage AI (if anyone has any suggestions for new campaign AIs I am happy to consider them)
    Byg's Grim Reality II or IV
    Next Heir Ancilliary
    DEYY Real Rebellion
    Rebel Generals Enhanced
    Twinbird's Nobility Mod
    Extended Combat
    Garrison Script
    Limited Activities
    Longer Assimilation
    Permanent Arrows
    G5 ReallyBadAI Hardcore Edition
    Reduced Cavalry Charge Effect
    Son of X
    KER (Kingdoms, Empires and Republics)

    The SS Launcher contains a full explanation of the effects of each.

    Plus, of course, about a billion other included sub-mods which I would have to search waaay back to find.

    Early Era 1100
    High Era 1220
    Late Era 1370 (WiP)

    Mini-campaigns, each with it's own custom map, events etc (still awaiting final debug, should be this week hopefully):
    The Reconquista 1146
    Italian City States 1280
    The Hundred Years War 1337
    The Italian Wars 1494
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    Have you ever took a look at KER (kingdoms, empires and republics) submod for SS?

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    Actually that is very interesting because implementing something very much like that was on my to-do list for a future update. I wonder how easy it would be to include or if there might be conflicts with other mods? If its mostly traits and ancillaries etc it could be fine.

    Thanks, I will investigate and see if I can get it into this release!

    edit: OK I think it's done, will include him in the release credits
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