Dear fans,

I am most grateful for all of your contribution and dedication to the Italian Wars mod. Since I was asked already on several occasion for permission to use material from our mod I'd like to set some rules for general use.

  • Feel free to create any kind of sub-mod -> Just grant appropriate credits
  • Feel free to post your work here in this sub-forum

Posting your work:

  • Point out if it is either [RELEASED] or [WIP]
  • Provide a proper and fully functional download link
  • Explain in a few words what your sub-mod is about
  • Provide at least one picture, in case you made any kind of visual adjustments

General us of material:
  • In case you have your own endeavour and want to use any kind of work from our mod, please drop me a pm and give me a brief explanation and reason why.

That's it, happy modding!

Best regards,