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    As the title implies, I'm looking for a submod that starts the late era campaign with cannons and plate armor available. My searching thus far has only yielded old/broken mods for earlier versions of SS or without current download links.

    I play on a 12tpy setup, which is wonderful for prolonging my generals' lives, but also usually means that the game is over before later tech becomes available.

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    There isn't one.

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    What you could do is Edit the campaign events. Such that you discover plate and gunpowder earlier. I have done this so on turn 50 the earlist gunpowder is available. And slowly are the other later types allowed in.

    What you need to keep in mind is how silly the historical events file is. The turns given for when a event is suppose to fire, is given in years not turns. So if you want gunpowder from the start you just change the date to 0. But should you want it at turn 50. Then you must convert your turn numbers into years. Turn 50 would be with 12 year per turn = 4.. As the game does not reconise half or partial years.

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