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Thread: The Royal Road - Our Development Journal

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    Default Re: Development Issue #10 - General Portraits

    Quote Originally Posted by King of the Four Corners View Post
    I would suggest to change this portrait since it looks like an Celtiberian soldier.

    You better use this instead :

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    Default Re: The Royal Road - Our Development Journal

    For the Greeks, I feel it would be better to represent them with the corinthian helmet, as they started becoming popular at around this time. As NapoleonMaster said, one of the portraits look like a celtiberian soldier, and I feel the corinthian helmet really captures the spirit of this era, at least in Greece. Please if possible, make the greek generals wear corinthian helmets, thanks.

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    Default Development Issue #11 - Aging Images

    Here's an example of the images that i make so to represent the aging process.
    It is nothing to complicated, only the editing of the facial hairs so to look older.

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    Default Re: The Royal Road - Our Development Journal

    Great work shown in this thread! Despite my limited presence on those fora recently I am still following this mod and hoping to see it completed one day

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