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    Hello guys!
    First of all let me congratulate for your wonderful job all these years. I like it very much. I am working on a little mod of mine, and was wondering if you would be so generous to allow me to use some of your works. What I need is some unit models and above everything I need the UI work (mainly unit cards) of some of your factions, mainly Scotland, Hungary and Moors. Can I please use them? Off course I'm going to give credit to the Stainless Steel Team.

    Best regards!

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    I feel you are in bad luck as the people who are considered authorized to give such permissions no longer visit the forums.

    As a moderator, I cannot recommend that you go ahead and use what you need with or without credit.
    But I can tell you that in your private game you can use anything you want without permission.

    Also here are some links:
    [Tutorial] Making unit cards for M2TW using Milkshape and Photoshop
    [Tutorial] How to make new info cards
    [Tutorial] Making a unit card - easy and fast method
    [Tutorial] Unit Info Card in photoshop
    [Tutorial] Unit Cards

    I hope you use the tutorials mate, cheers!

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    Thanks for replying paleologos!
    I understand, you're not the owner of the files requested by me. This is my first mod for MTW2 and I still don't know how to work on models and textures. And honestly I don't have much time either. I was counting on three mods where I would get my units, the first granted me the permission, the second denied and now I'm waiting for the third. That one will determine if my mod gets released or simply remains as a private mod. By the way, I see you are a member of Titanium, a great submod, with useful permanent stone forts and one of the few that has the Zirids as a playable faction. I like it


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