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Thread: Old World Regiments of Renown & other ROR

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    Default Old World Regiments of Renown & other ROR

    Hello, I created this post with the intention of introducing my mods to those on the Total War forum.

    The mod I wanted to showcase was "Old World Regiments of Renown"

    This mod currently introduces 16 Regiments of Renown into the game, 7 from the Greenskins, 8 from the Empire and currently only 1 for the Vampire Counts, though this will eventually be expanded as well.

    I have attempted to make each of these units unique with balanced stats for the current patch, custom textures and unit cards, as well as officers for certain units such as Borgut Facebeater for 'Da Immortulz'.

    Submods are also currently available for the Greenskins and the Empire for those not interested in the complete package, available below, moreover, another ROR mod worked on by myself and Decomposed, a Tomb Kings ROR, is also available below, though is not included within the Old World ROR mod.

    Links available on images, more info available on Steam.

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    Default Re: Old World Regiments of Renown & other ROR

    I'll try them

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