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    Icon2 RTW Widescreen

    This graphic mod changes UI elements to look good on widescreen monitors. It's not perfect. There are compromises. But I like it better. I hope you will like it as well. If you do not enjoy it let me know what you do not like about it. I will utilize your positive criticism to make it better.

    It's savegame compatible with Vanilla. So you can try your current campaign with new UI. To install simply copy widescreen folder from the archive to your RTW folder and add -mod:widescreen to the shortcut or launch options in steam. The mod is modfoldered, so no files will be altered.

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    Nice, could I include this into my rome total war mod compilation?

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    Sure! Could you provide a link to your compilation? You got me curious.

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    The unit cards look a bit different from vanilla or is it just me ?
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    Yes, in order to make them suitable for widescreen I had to generate them from unit_info files (pics in description tab which you can see if you right-click a unit card). So, some of them look different (Triarii, for example).

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