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Thread: Where to recruit Varrangoi and Moorish Gunners

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    Default Where to recruit Varrangoi and Moorish Gunners

    Hi Guys, two questions:

    1) I was wondering where I can recruit/retrain the Varrangoi playing as the Byzantine Empire (playing early era campaign, it is around 1240 now). You get one unit of Varrangoi in your capital at the start but although I can build more of less anything in Constantinople now, I'm not able to retrain them.

    2) Why is it that the Moors have Camel Gunners way before gun power units are available for anyone else? Is that just a glitch or is there any historical logic behind this?

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    Default Re: Where to recruit Varrangoi and Moorish Gunners

    1) In my game it is Mayor's Palace.

    2) It seems the makers of the mod overlooked this detail and made this gunpowder troop type available earlier than they were supposed to be.

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