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Thread: CATW 03.4: 10 Years Anniversary Release

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    Default CATW 03.4: 10 Years Anniversary Release

    It's 2018, so the 10th anniversary of catw 0.3 the first fully-fledge, working mod version of Classical Age: Total war. So for this special occasion, i worked for two months on a complete overhaul of the mod.

    The old historic Classical Age: Total War (CATW) overhauled.

    <img src="">
    Sooooo... What about that ?
    If you want to play the very, very first CATW here you go. Try catw 03!
    What's in this for you ?
    The first fully working catw version back in 2008, completely revamped for the tenth anniversary, 2018.
    This includes:
    -All traditional vanilla models reskinned (at original size so light)
    -Tons of new historical accurate units
    -Using only vanilla models from BI and Alex in complement, so still light.
    -Custom and campaign fully working for all factions playable (including senate and slave)
    -Tested on RTW/BI/Alex.
    -Vanilla music, buildings, vegetation.
    -Working Historical battles

    <h2>How to install</h2>
    1-Unzip the catw03 folder, by using 7zip:
    2-Move you catw03 folder in your current destination: Alexander or RTW-BI
    Ex: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Alexander
    Or: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Gold
    3-Then just use directly the shortcuts inside catw03, make a copies to the desktop, drop them on the desktop.
    They are all tailored for Vista/Seven/Win 10 types of installations and works with steam.
    4-Enjoy. They are all tailored for Vista/Seven/Win 10 types of installations and works with steam.
    <hr />

    <h2>How to Swap Unified Rome/Roman families</h2>
    By default, the game featured the Roman Families for the late civil war struggle, at least on 3.4
    To change it to Unified Rome you have to go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rome Total War Alexander\catw03\data\world\maps\campaign\imperial_campaign
    folder or your own path depending on your installation, then change "descr_strat.txt" to zzzdescr_strat.txt" or whatever you wish and rename "descr_strat - Unified Rome.txt" to "descr_strat.txt" and delete map.rwm to regenerate the campaign at next launch

    <strong>Notes:</strong> Due to the game using new revamped banners and symbols from catw 04 and catw 05, strat banners for the roman families can look a bit odd.
    Sorry for the inconvenience but i'm unable to edit .dds files anymore. RTW seems too old now for Win 10. heck, Rome II is already five years old.

    Featuring the traditional Roman split into three families, set on Vanilla map in 270 BC.<br />
    <img src="">

    <hr />
    <h2>About this version</h2>
    Classical-Age: Total War (CATW) is a mod designed on the basis of <a href="" target="_blank">Rome: Total War</a>. It goes back to a simple reskin project dating back from 2006. Since the release of the demo beta2a in French in September 2008, the official English version beta2 has been postponed to find a valid map. Catw 03 is in fact a solution for a fully playable campaign, as the former beta 2 (catw02) was only custom-battle playable, catw 03 revert back to the original setting to be fully playable in campaign and stable, on all three bases (RTW, BI and Alex). It's very light, due to the use of normal size skins and vanilla, low-poly models, most from RTW, but some from BI and others from Alex.

    <img src="" alt="screen catw03">

    ---Next: catw 03.5-3.9 evolution-------------------------------------------
    Next steps:

    -Mundus Magnus map elite 1.2 (if possible, it's only for BI now)
    -Darth IA
    -Add minor settlements (former towers)
    -Unified Rome and Galatians, Illyrians, Pergamum.
    Under the Noble Patronage of Agisilaos
    CATW Modeller skinner since 2006, now retired - Proud grandfather of Classical-Age Total War, the ancient world in 300 bc...

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    Default Re: CATW 03.4: 10 Years Anniversary Release

    This sounds interesting? Where's the download link, though?

    EDIT: Found it!

    EDIT2: Mod doesn't start : (
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