While playing as Norway, I managed to get myself attacked by Scotland, HRE, and Denmark simultaneously. To escape the slaughter, I accepted HRE's offer to become their vassal. All was good and well, until I noticed I started to lose money as soon as I accepted. A LOT of money. Whereas the 'projected profits' and such claimed I would be making 4k, I was actually losing more than half a k each turn. I figured this was some sort of vassal tax I had to pay the HRE that was for some reason not shown in my finances view, but then when I broke away from the HRE, I was still losing money, and the amount lost kept growing, too, while still not being represented in my finances overview.

What is happening here? Did the game bug out? Did it not remove the vassal tax, or was there never a vassal tax at all and is it some other kind of bug?

On a different note, I've had two full-stack enemy armies just standing still at places (one next to its own city even though it joined the crusade, and another one next to one of my cities without ever attacking) and refusing to go anywhere even when I dangle free snacks of loose units in front of them. This seems to be a bug as well.

Stainless Steel version is 6.4, running on Windows 10 via Steam. Thank you in advance for the help.