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Thread: Byzantine Spearmen - Armour Upgrade

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    Default Byzantine Spearmen - Armour Upgrade

    Might be a dumb question - but how much stronger are the Kontaratoi spearmen after their armour has been upgraded by a blacksmith etc.

    their basic stats are:

    Attack: 1
    Charge Bonus: 2
    Weapon Type: Melee
    Defense: 8
    Armour: 0
    Defense Skill: 1
    Shield: 7
    Hit Points: 1

    How do they change after the upgrade?
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    Default Re: Byzantine Spearmen - Armour Upgrade

    Same as with any (most) other unit, upgrades from the smith can raise armor and shield (which combine to raise defense)... and can raise attack.

    Combine those upgrades with field experience (the bronze, silver & gold chevrons a unit can get from being in battles) to raise the stats even more.
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    Default Re: Byzantine Spearmen - Armour Upgrade

    you cant upgrade anything besides armor with blacksmiths and attack with experience chevrons, armor upgrades also give 2 armor not 1 as it shows

    with chevrons defense skill used to increase in vanilla med2 but it does no longer in Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Byzantine Spearmen - Armour Upgrade

    Each armour upgrade give 2 armour
    Chevrons give 1 attack for every 3 chevron. So 1 bronze = 1 attack. 1 silver = 1 attack and 1 gold = 1 attack.
    Chevrons also give moral, but I don't know how much.
    Chevrons will give archers accuracy. That is a tight group of arrows in contrast to more spread. This is only useful against single units. If you have several units clustering together in a large area you will hit men with all the arrows non the less.
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