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    Default [Info] Other Modding Work by DaVinci

    The original post has been put into spoilers.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    The recently active core team members of the ChivTW team are/were: Athenogoras and DaVinci.

    We are working on mods which we find worth of our labour ... no, just because we found/played those mods and liked them a lot, as of yet:

    1. William the Conquerer (WTC / KOE), submod based on Norman Invasion (NI), BI exe
    by Athenogoras and DaVinci

    Two campaigns.



    2. The Greek League (TGL), submod based on Warlords of Sparta/300 (WoS), Alex exe
    by Athenogoras and DaVinci



    3. The Last Kingdom (VI2-TLK)), submod based on Viking Invasion 2 (VI2), BI exe
    by DaVinci



    4. Submod for Fall of Rome (FoR), BI exe
    by DaVinci




    I once decided that this old thread would be recycled to a place which collects my mod projects to have them in one list.

    # 2005-2011, diverse modding projects on all Total War game engines from RTW to Shogun2: Mod list (TWC wiki)

    Not included in the aforementioned list:

    # 2011, for Kingdoms TW, a massive submod based on The Last Kingdom mod: The Danelag

    # 2012, for Kingdoms TW, a massive submod based on Third Age mod: Third Age TW Realism+

    # 2011/13, for TW Shogun2, a major mod (S2R+): Shogun2 Realism+

    # 2013, for TW Shogun2 RotS ( as addition to S2R+ ): Rise of the Samurai Realism+

    # 2013, for TW Rome2, early team member, did the earliest R2TR coding development mainly together with JaM: Rome II Total Realism

    # 2016, for TW Attila, overhaul mod for the Grand Campaign: Attila Realism

    # 2017, modding tutorial for TW Attila startpos creation: Assembly Kit - Building an Attila startpos mod

    Aside to these listed TW modding works, i was not anymore really active with public modding.
    But active in modding non TW games (fe. Europa Universalis IV, Skyrim, Crusader Kings II, Civilization V, Tropico 4, The Witcher 2, and diverse other).
    This modding outside of TW series was just for private usage only. With some exceptions, as following.

    # 2017, for Viking Conquest Reforged Edition (M&B Warband DLC), overhaul: Viking Conquest Realism

    # 2018-20, for The Witcher 3, gameplay overhaul: Lore Friendly Tweaks
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