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Thread: [Info] Other Modding Work by DaVinci

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    Default [Info] Other Modding Work by DaVinci

    You are here in the ChivalryTotalWar (ChivTW) modproject hosted section of TWC.

    Postediting, see further below "Edit".

    The original post has been the following list of 4 mod links:

    The recently active core team members of the ChivTW team are/were: Athenogoras and DaVinci.

    We are working on mods which we find worth of our labour ... no, just because we found/played those mods and liked them a lot, as of yet:

    1. William the Conquerer (WTC / KOE), submod based on Norman Invasion (NI), BI exe
    by Athenogoras and DaVinci

    Two campaigns.



    2. The Greek League (TGL), submod based on Warlords of Sparta/300 (WoS), Alex exe
    by Athenogoras and DaVinci



    3. The Last Kingdom (VI2-TLK)), submod based on Viking Invasion 2 (VI2), BI exe
    by DaVinci



    4. Submod for Fall of Rome (FoR), BI exe
    by DaVinci




    I once decided that this old thread would be recycled to a place which collects my mod projects, besides ChivTW and the above linked ones, mainly for my own purpose to browse them quick if i ever feel so, and for everybody who might be interested in my modding work.

    Total War series mod projects from 2005-2011 (on all platforms since RTW to including Shogun2): TWC Wiki Page: DaVinci (that page seems to be empty at times, guess due to server works) ... edit: page erased obviously due to server update works ... copy of the source text (also as backup)
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    TW modding activities since 2005: (published items)

    * Middle Roman Republic (2005, [[RTW]] / [[RTR]] sitemod, Roman faction mod), Creator.
    * Custom modding of [[Darth Vader]]'s AI Formation mods for different mods and as default versions (2005, 2006, RTW).
    * [[The First Triumvirate]] / [[Fall of the Republic Rise of the Empire]] mods (2005, 2007, 2010, RTW + [[BI]]), Ex Core Member, Member.
    * Submodding of [[Goths Mod]] (2005, BI).
    * [[Chivalry Total War]] / Chivalry I (2006-2010, RTW), Director/Leader (since 2009/2010 Co Director/Leader).
    * [[The Sicilian Vespers]] / Chivalry II (2007-2008, M2TW + Kingdoms), Ex Co Leader, Member.
    * Support for [[Rise of Persia]] mod with playtesting/bugfixing and custom modding (2008, RTW).
    * Custom modding of [[Rise of Three Kingdoms]] mod (2008, BI).
    * Custom modding of [[Zhanguo Total War]] mod (2008, BI).
    * Guest modding for [[Paeninsula Italica]] mod (2008, BI).
    * Support for [[Viking Invasion II]] mod with offering the initial requested ChivTW mod material and with discussion/playtesting while the development (2008, BI).
    * [[Empire Realism]] (2009, ETW), Founder/Creator.
    * Submod William The Conquerer for [[Norman Invasion]] mod (2009, BI).
    * Submod The Greek League for [[300 Warlords of Sparta]] mod (2009, [[Alexander]]).
    * Guest developer for [[Kingdom of the Scots]] / [[Kingdoms of the Isles]] mods (2007 / 2009, [[M2TW]]-[[Kingdoms]]).
    * [[Napoleon Empire Realism]] (2010, NTW), Core Member.
    * Submod The Last Kingdom for Viking Invasion II mod (2010, BI).
    * Submod for [[Fall of Rome]] mod (2010, BI).
    * Empire Realism revision builds (2011, ETW), just modded it again.
    * Shogun 2 Realism for TW Shogun 2 (2011, team's project, project directorship stopped due to RL).
    * Shogun 2 Realism+ for TW Shogun 2 (2011, solo project over at

    Artifex since 2006.
    TWC Modding Awards in 2007 (votes valid for the former year 2006), Chivalry won in one category 'Post Roman Era', and DaVinci besides [[MasterOfNone]] voted 'Best RTW Coder'.
    Opifex since April 2007 (ChivTW Team Award), 2008 changed into Medal.



    Since 2011, further TW mods:

    2011, for Kingdoms TW, a massive submod based on The Last Kingdom mod: The Danelag

    2012, for Kingdoms TW, a massive submod based on Third Age mod: Third Age TW Realism+

    2011/13, for TW Shogun2, a major mod (S2R+): Shogun2 Realism+

    2013, for TW Shogun2 RotS ( as addition to S2R+ ): Rise of the Samurai Realism+

    2013, for TW Rome2, early team member, did the earliest R2TR coding development mainly together with JaM: Rome II Total Realism (i dropped my participation in modding Rome2 because i was pretty upset by the buggy Rome2 build and other things like RL. JaM took over the entire coding work, sucessfully, afaik)

    2016, for TW Attila, overhaul mod for the Grand Campaign: Attila Realism
    2017, just a modding tutorial for TW Attila startpos creation: Assembly Kit - Building an Attila startpos mod

    Aside to these listed modding works, i'm not anymore really active with public modding. But active in modding non Total War games (member of numerous game forums). This modding outside of Total War series is just for private usage only. With some exceptions, as following:

    2017, for Viking Conquest Reforged Edition (M&B Warband DLC), overhaul: Viking Conquest Realism

    2018/19, for The Witcher 3, overhaul: LFT - Lore Friendly Tweaks
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