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    Is there any way to make the characters age one year per four turns?


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    Im sure you can alter the code (see the mods section), but why?
    So a King/General can live for 300 years game time (assuming you're playing 6.4)?

    One of the best reasons for replayability for this 14 year old game is the Dynasty building aspect, family.
    Honest and truly, I AM Robin Hood!

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    The main reason I keep replaying England, France and/or Eastern Romans is I love building their family and maintaining it over centuries.
    Honest and truly, I AM Robin Hood!

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    Can you be more specific of what I have to edit and how? I have already searched the forum and tried some things (deleting ageing script, editing it, adding 4 years per turn script etc) but nothing seems to work and I cannot figure out why.

    I play 4 TPY and the characters age 1 year per turn, so they have a life span of 15-20 years

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    Did it! I was editing the campaing/....../imperial_campaign/campaign_script.txt while I should have been editing the world/..../imperial_campaign/campaign_script.txt file.

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