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Thread: Version 6.4 failure to install

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    Default Version 6.4 failure to install

    Hello- I've been playing 6.3 for some months now with only minor CTD issues on occasion. A recent saved game refused to load and always resulted in a CTD, as has recent attempts to advance turns on earlier saved games. I have lowered video options to the lowest settings, turned advisor off completely, and re-installed 6.3 several times with no success. I have now tried to install 6.4 with no success. The install program runs but when I get to the options screen there are no options for early or late era campaigns as in the install instruction screen shots. They just are not there. I have attempted to attach a screen shot.

    I am running a Dell laptop with updated Win 10 64-bit OS, i7 2.20 GHz processor, GeForce GT 64M video card.

    I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. I was in the middle of a really fun and challenging campaign as the Hungarians and had finally gained the upper hand on the Byzantines.
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    its maybe related to the last update of windows 10 ..try to re instal 6.4 patch only on the base game and the instal meloo bugfixes
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    Thank you for the suggestion, M.A.E. I uninstalled everything and did a reinstall with all patches with numerous reboots in between. This time 6.4 installed without issue and I have gone several rounds without any CTD issues. It was unfortunate that I had to restart my campaign but at least it is stable. Now I just have to figure out what to do about these overpowered Byzantine heavy cavalry.

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