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Thread: TWC 2017 Member Awards: Nominations Thread

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    Araval's Avatar Vicarius
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    Nov 2010
    Tartu, Estonia

    Default Re: TWC 2017 Member Awards: Nominations Thread

    Funniest Member:Ngugi; Flinn
    Most Helpful Member:ElvenKind; Ngugi; Withwnar; atthias; Gigantus
    Friendliest Member:Ngugi; Flinn; Lifthrasir; ElvenKind
    Best Avatar: Flinn; Hader
    Fastest Rising Newb: Zantorian
    Best Graphics Artist:Lifthrasir; Caligula; xHolyCrusader; GameThumb; Diocle
    TWC Content Award:Lifhtrasir; Caligula; SoulGamesInc
    TWC Moderation Award:Frunk; Gen. Chris; Lifthrasir; lolIsuck
    TWC Staff Award:Flinn; Lifthrasir; Frunk; Shankbot de Bodemloze; lolIsuck
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    Axis Sunsoar's Avatar The Dead Pirate Roberts
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    Oct 2012
    All along the Watchtower

    Default Re: TWC 2017 Member Awards: Nominations Thread

    Best Writer: Tigellinus, Admiral Von Tromp
    Funniest Member: NorseThing, Caillagh de Bodemloze
    Most Helpful Member: Alwyn, Frunk, Gigantus
    Friendliest Member: Alwyn, Norsething
    Fastest Rising Newb: Norsething
    Best Graphics Artist: SoulGamesInc, Lifthrasir
    TWC Content Award: Alwyn, Caillagh de Bodemloze, Lifthrasir
    TWC Staff Award: SoulGamesInc
    Best Community RPG'er': Dirty Chai, Lucius Malfoy, General Brewster

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    Lucius Malfoy's Avatar Pure-Blood

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    Nov 2010

    Default Re: TWC 2017 Member Awards: Nominations Thread

    Most Helpful Member: Gigantus, Tango12345
    Best Avatar: Flinn; Hader
    Best Graphics Artist: Lifthrasir
    TWC Content Award: Lifhtrasir
    TWC Moderation Award: Gen. Chris, Flinn, Gigantus, Tango 12345
    TWC Staff Award: Flinn, Gigantus, Tango 12345
    Best Community RPG'er': Gandalf, General Brewster, Severus Snape
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    Veteraan's Avatar TATW Local Moderator
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    Tilburg, Kingdom of The Netherlands

    Default Re: TWC 2017 Member Awards: Nominations Thread

    Best Debater:
    Best Political Poster:
    Best Historical Poster:
    Best Philosophical Poster:
    Best Scientific Poster:
    Best Writer:
    Funniest Member:Flinn
    Most Helpful Member:Withwnar, Ngugi, Gigantus, Elvenkind, atthias
    Friendliest Member:Ngugi, Frunk, Shankbot de Bodemloze
    Fastest Rising Newb:
    Best Avatar: [img]put avatar URL here[/img] + username
    Best Graphics Artist:Lifthrasir
    TWC Content Award:
    TWC Moderation Award:Iskar, Frunk, Abdülmecid, lolIsuck,
    TWC Staff Award:Flinn, Gigantus, Tango12345
    Best Community RPG'er':
    Best Hotseater/Multiplayer:
    Best Curialist:Frunk, Iskar, Halie Satanus, General Brewster

    Citizenised by Shankbot - Patron of b0Gia - House de Bodemloze

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