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Thread: Making Stainless Steel work on Linux

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    Icon5 Making Stainless Steel work on Linux

    Hello, everyone.

    Being an avid opponent of Windows and all of its limitations and forced updates, I am currently running Linux Mint on my machine. While I can still play one of my favorite games (Medieval Total War II) on it, I have thus far failed to get my favorite mod (Stainless Steel) to work. I've tried pretty much every guide I could find via these forums and Google, but to no avail.

    Using Wine, I was able to run SS6.3's installer. Using pyRenamer, I then renamed all files to be lowercase (as one guide advised I should do). I then ran SS6.4's installer, and did the same pyRenamer thing again.

    Launching a Kingdoms instance of the game now successfully launches the game with the Stainless Steel loading screen, however it then soon crashes before ever getting to the menu with the following error:

    Medieval II suffered a fatal error and will now exit.
    Error Code=361"

    I have not been able to find a solution yet to this, and thus I have now come to you all for help. I would prefer not having to resort to dual-booting Windows on my machine, or launching Windows in Virtual Box or whatever. I would really like to get this working, and perhaps help other Linux users in the process with playing the best mod for Medieval Total War II.

    Here's to hoping some of you can help out.

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    Observing the lack of replies, I suppose there is no solution to this. Hence, I'll have no choice but to resort to dual-booting Windows after all.

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    I can Help You ,Please Send Me Your Linus Operating System Version
    Imperium Total War 1580AD A Mod For M2tw Engine
    Imperium Total War(Still in Develpment)

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