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Thread: Happy New Year

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    Default Happy New Year

    Happy new year SS players.

    Well over a decade later, still the best RP/RTS/TBS game/mod there is.

    Keep playing, modding and trying to top my Roman Empire hehe.

    Cheers all
    Honest and truly, I AM Robin Hood!

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    I am in total 100% agreement with Duck of Death on that MTW2/SS is the best game and mod ever.

    I would also like to thank the SSHIP and Titanium teams for their continued support and development of Stainless Steel.

    Wishing you all a prosperous 2018.


    'Proud to be patronised by cedric37(My Father and My Guardian)

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    I return the wishes and invite you to check the progress of the model works over at Titanium.
    I sincerely hope to be able to have them done by spring break, considering that in order for them to be truly complete they would need a full complement of lods, a full complement of textures for all factions, a full complement of UI images and a full complement of sprites.

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    Happy new year!

    11 years playing Medieval II ... and it is still my love.
    Thank you, all friend mods.

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    Default Re: Happy New Year

    Yep, still the only game I am never getting tired of playing !

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