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Thread: House Mallister of Seagard, High Lords of Ironman's Bay

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    Default House Mallister of Seagard, High Lords of Ironman's Bay

    Current Lord Of SeaGard -
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    Lord Daemon Mallister
    Age 51



    Confident: This character is very self-assured, brimming with confidence and difficult to shake even under pressure. However, taken to an extreme, they can show a suicidal disregard for their life and the lives of others, and fail to take...well, failure into account when planning. +1 battle rolls, +1 to rout rolls against this character.

    Ill-Tempered: This character is ornery and seems to explode at the slightest provocation. While they've gotten into enough fights to toughen them up, a person who's as easily baited as a bull that sees red won't make a good commander. +1 Duels, -1 Battles.

    Meticulous: This character loves to analyze situations down to the last minutiae before acting. On one hand this means they'll probably have a clear picture going in, on the other their decision-making abilities could easily become paralyzed as they spend too much time analyzing and not enough acting. +1 detection rolls, -5% movement speed.

    +2 Survial
    +2 Assassin
    +2 Wealth

    Children of House Mallister
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    Eddward Mallister (Age 17 )
    + 2 Wealth
    +2 Joust
    +1 Charisma

    Larence Mallister ( Age 16 )

    +2 Wealth
    + 2 Charisma

    Adianna Mallister (Age 15 )
    +2 Wealth
    +2 Survival

    Wife of the current Lord of the Mallister House
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    Genna Mallister ( Age 46 )
    +3 Survival
    +3 Charsima
    +1 capture

    SeaGuard Income
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    50,000 Goldern Dragoons from Land
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    Lord’s Bannerman - 10,000 Gold Stipend


    [SPOILER]Current Building Projects ( Completed )
    Small Trade Market - Gives access to the trade system, provides one resource to select to trade.
    City Watch Quarters: 400 Light Infantry permanently stationed in your home territory. Cannot be moved elsewhere.[SPOILER]

    Army of Seaguard
    200 Heavy Infantry (400 points)
    320 Light Infantry (320 points)
    200 Polearm Infantry (400 points)
    280 Archers (280 points)
    Total: 1,000 men

    Regional Bonus
    Defender of the Coast: Seagard was built to protect the coast of the Riverlands from raiding Ironborn. It proved its usefulness in the Greyjoy Rebellion, when Lord Jason Mallister slew Rodrik Greyjoy beneath the walls and threw the Ironborn back into the sea. It is an impressive castle in its own right, and can defend from both the sea and land. +2 to naval battles around the castle.
    The Booming Tower: A massive tower in Seagard named for its immense bronze bell, this tower is used to sight longships and sound the bell, alerting the townsfolk to the threat. The tower is manned day and night, making surprise sea attacks on the city impossible except in very dense fog. +3 to raid rolls (For discovery and defense).
    Major Port: Seagard serves as the largest port on the western Coast of Westeros that is north of the great city of Lannisport. As such, it serves as one of the major trade ports for the Northern Riverlands and for portions of the North granting one additional trade route.
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