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Thread: Factin heir, crown etc.

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    Hey guys i want to learn something. Which file of the game is responsible for your heir to be king? Sorry for my english. I mean all the time factions are destroyed without a reason when they still have settlements and generals. So something is wrong in ss cause i never saw this in kgcm mod. So i want to change the file but i dont know what file is responsible for this. In my last campaign, i got the message hre is destroyed. I toggle fow and saw hre had 8 settlements lol. Wtf? I see rebel generals which were hre's generals before. So something is ed up in ss as i never saw this problems in other mods or vanilla. Thx for help

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    This has been discussed recently here:

    There are several reason why that could happen and they are not tied to SS in particular.

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