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Thread: Yornwood, Seat of House Yornwood Guardians of the Stoneway

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    Default Yornwood, Seat of House Yornwood Guardians of the Stoneway


    Lord Edgar Yornwood

    Lord of Yornwoodd
    Warden of the Stoneway
    Age 33
    Married Alyssa Yornwood- Age 32
    Reserved, Austere, Confident
    Duels +3
    Battles +4
    Survival +1
    +5% Income
    -2 Charisma
    -1 Route Rolls

    Ormond Yornwood

    Age 16
    Confident, Sociable, Impulsive
    Duels +2
    Charisma +3
    Battles +1
    +5% movespeed
    -1 detection rolls
    -2% income

    Gwenyth Yornwood Age 16 Ormond's eldest Sister and twin
    Royn Yornwood age 12 Ormonds younger brother
    Shyrra Yornwood Age 8 Ormond's Youngest sister


    Tier 1
    Small Trade Market - Gives access to the trade system, provides one resource to select to trade.
    Keep Expansions: +25% castle garrison size permitted
    Militia Armoury: +500 Militia Points
    Market Square: +10% income
    Tier 2
    Town Watch: +1,000 Militia Points, 5% cheaper professional troop hire.
    Tier 3
    Barracks: +1,000 Militia Points, 10% cheaper professional troop hire.
    Tier 4
    Militia Network
    Bonuses: +2,000 Land Militia, if your home is besieged, 250 Heavy Infantry, 500 Archers and 500 Light Infantry appear as additions to your garrison.
    Drawbacks: -10% province income.

    Levy 7,500
    5,250 Light Infantry
    2,250 Archers
    Total 7,500 Men

    Militia 5,500 Points
    917 Polearms
    688 Heavy Infantry
    825 Archers
    825 Light Cavalry
    367 Heavy Cavalry
    Total 3,622 Men

    Professionals 0/5000 Points

    Lordly Stipend 10,000
    Land Income 60,000 * 1.1
    Trade Income 0
    Total 76,000

    1. Base Metals
    2. Grain Locked
    3. Precious Metals Locked

    Regional Bonus

    • Royal Seat: Yronwood was once a seat of a king when House Yronwood warred against the Martells for control over Dorne. While they are no longer Kings anymore, this seat still grants immense powers over other men. +5% land income and +1,000 land militia points.
    • The Boneway: A formidable obstacle to invaders, Yronwood is the greatest line of defense of Dorne against the frontier to the Stormlands. -2 to assault rolls against the castle for armies attacking from the north.

    Castle +8 Siege Defense

    Garrison 450 Heavy Infantry
    1000 Light Infantry
    200 Polearm Infantry
    800 Archers

    Total: 2,450 men

    House Manwoody of Kingsgrave
    House Wyl of Wyl
    House Drinkwater Knights of Vultures Roost
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