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Thread: Maidenhold, major holdfast on Sweetsister

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    Default Maidenhold, major holdfast on Sweetsister

    Maidenhold Keep

    Current holder and location
    Current holder: Brydan the Crownlander
    Overlord: House Sunderland of Sweetsister
    Holdfast type: Major Holdfast - 30,000 Dragons for regular holders base income (7,500 additional income for Merchant lords)

    Location: To the west of Sisterton in a coastal area.
    History: The holdfast of Maidenhold, as Lord Sunderland tended to name the keep in memory of the last Sunderland Queen, who declared a pointless rebellion, when the Targaryens conquered Westeros, was built on orders of Lord Sunderland in order to create a secluded keep, far away from the open Sisterton to where he and his family can retreat and eventually discuss matters, which aren't supposed to be heard by the public.
    Similiar to the Gates of the Moon, Lord Sunderland tends to administrate the keep by a trusted man, whom he appoints as either a steward or lord of the keep, trading a portion of his land and vassals to a sworn lord in exchange for protection behind the walls of the keep.

    Regional Boni

    Minor Castle
    Minor Castles have the following attributes:
    - If an invading army is known to be in the area before it arrives at the Minor Castle, it will last for 6 months (3.5 RL days) in a siege. Otherwise, it will last 1.5 RL days (~2.5 months). The enemy army is known to be in the area ifa friendly army has been defeated in the area ("the area" meaning anywhere up to 2 provinces away) or if a scout roll has found that army in the area.
    - Have a +4 roll to any Siege assault undertaken against them.
    - Can hold their entire garrison plus 100% of the base Land Levy points of their province.

    Minor Castles can be upgraded to Castles (and gain the bonuses and attributes of them) if a player builds a Tier II Siege Defence building in that Minor Castle.

    • The Sistermen's Sea: The people of the Three Sisters are masters of the sea and have long defended their islands from attack. If a battle is fought around the Sisters , then they are granted +2 to naval rolls. In addition, character's here gain +1 Sea Battles.
    • The Sisters' Wealth: Due to their position of controlling some of the waterways between Essos and Braavos and the many less than legal ships that venture from the Three Sisters, the Sisters gain an additional +10% land income.
    • Legacy of Independence: The Sisters are known to be a den of cut-throats and pirates that only pay nominal respect to the Eyrie. -3 to vassal call up rolls by the Lord of the Vale.

    Buildings & Edicts
    TIER I




    Military of Maidenhold

    Maidenhold (750 points):

    562 Light Infantry
    188 Archers

    100 Polearms
    75 Archers
    38 Heavy Infantry
    38 Light Cavalry
    13 Heavy Cavalry

    Total: 1,013 men

    Additional forces (Barracks, Rescources, Edicts, other):


    Garrison of Maidenhold:

    30 Heavy Infantry (60 points)
    50 Light Infantry (50 points)
    30 Polearm Infantry (45 points)
    30 Archers (30 points)

    Total: 140 men

    Naval forces of Maidenhold


    Additinal naval forces (Edicts, Buildings, Rescource, etc.):

    Trade and Rescources

    Current Trade deals: None

    Produced Rescources:

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    Default Re: Maidenhold, major holdfast on Sweetsister

    Lord Sunderland would eventually arrive at Lord Brydan's keep in order to inform him that he might have a task for him.
    With the capital producing Fish and Timber, he wishes to task the merchant with acting as an emissary of the Iron Throne in Myr in order to establish a trade route.
    What he actually offers out of the two rescources is by his choice, important is merely that he obtains a trade deal with Essos.
    Should he fail in Myr, he shall sail to Pentos, Lorath or Tyrosh instead.
    Depending on how much he trusts his skills, he can however utilize both trade routes for Essosi trade, as long as the King recieves his trade income and is pleased with the deals Brydan made.
    It should be seen as an opportunity to proof the viability of the Merchant Council.

    Sunderland will also pay for the ship escorte, bringing Brydan and his eventual cargo safely to the Free Cities. He advices though to avoid the Stepstones as rumors of Greyjoy's fleet reaving there spread already from Volantene merchants, who landed at Sisterton.

    Trade Income: 150%
    Resource: Myrish Crossbows
    - Allows access to the Myrish Crossbowmen Unit that is known to be one of the best marksmen throughout the world. Each man is worth 3 points per man. A max of 5 units can be employed.
    Abilities Granted: Grants access to the Myrish Eyes. Only one can be purchased per year for a max of 3 total for each contract.
    Number of Routes Available: 3
    Difficulty in Acquiring: Medium

    Trade Income: 150%
    Resource and Bonus: Sellsword Diplomat
    - Grants a 20% discount to hiring sellswords
    Abilities Granted: Grants access to the Windblown, a sellsword company that is of better quality but for the same price as other sellswords.
    Number of Routes Available: 3
    Difficulty in Acquiring: Medium

    Trade Income: 100%
    Resource and Bonus: Tyroshi Armorsmiths.
    - Grants a 20% discount to purchasing weapons and armor.
    Abilities Granted: None.
    Number of Routes Available: 5
    Difficulty in Acquiring: Easy

    Trade Income: 150%
    Resource: Velvet
    - A prized resource that fetches great prices in Westeros. It has a higher income than normal trade routes.
    Abilities Granted: None. This is just an extra income route and nothing more.
    Number of Routes Available: 5
    Difficulty in Acquiring: Easy

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