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Thread: The Blue Fork, seat of Roger Blackwood

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    Default The Blue Fork, seat of Roger Blackwood

    Lord Roger Blackwood, Warden of the One Trident
    Born: 201 AC
    Marital status: Married to Lady Jeyne Mallister
    Children: Robb, Raymund and Ravella Blackwood

    Second son to Lord Quentyn Blackwood and Lady Serra Whent. His father was killed in a tournament near Kings Landing by Lord Braken of Stone hedge. Roger never really forgave the Brackens for this so-called mistake. Roger was knighted at the age of seventeen by the hand of Walter Whent of Harrenhal, a kinsman of his mother after he had squired at the cursed castle at the Gods Eye. After the dead of his brother he raised his niece further to obtain her fathers seat. He acts as marshal of Raventree Hall. He is a rather serious man and quite godly too. He is wed to gentle Jeyne of House Mallister.

    Traits (6):
    Battle +3, Surivival: +1, Logistician+1 Rearguard +1
    - Meticulous: +1 detection rolls, -5% movement speed
    -Pessimistic: +1 to survival rolls, -1 Charisma.
    - Reserved: This character is a stoic who generally keeps to him/herself and exercises strict control over their emotions. While this means they're not likely to make reckless moves in court or on the battlefield, they can come across as unfeeling robots to others. +1 battle rolls, -1 Charisma.
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    Default Re: The Blue Fork, seat of Roger Blackwood

    Ser Roger is summoned to Riverrun with all haste, he is instructed to arrive with both his personal retinue and the five hundred men sworn to the Blue Fork.

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