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Thread: Post your favorite things about SS

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    Default Post your favorite things about SS

    Nothing better than:
    -Fighting in North Africa with African levies
    -Fighting in Jerusalem with Crusader and Muslim levies
    -Fighting in Russia with Eastern levies

    All this as Norway. Really adds LOTS of flavor and immersion.

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    ^ Fighting with local levies is great and does add to the immersion, but quite frankly there's nothing better than late-period knights and men at arms, in their glittering Gothic steel plate armor, crushing their foes and humbling all those who stand before them.

    Combined with 14th-century Hand Gunners or 15th-century Arquebusiers firing and decimating enemy troops from behind and on the flanks, it is a sight to behold. It's even better when you throw in the late medieval Pike Militia, and later on the Renaissance-period Pikemen and Late Pikemen. This game has serious pike-and-shot potential!

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    Favorite things...

    1) Breaking a siege manually (and seeing your defending General get another star) when you're outnumbered 4-to-1, and the AI for auto-resolve only gives you 7-to-1 odds

    2) Creating and maintaining family dynasties for hundreds of years.

    3) Creating what-if Empires... if just a few things had changed maybe England would still rule northern France, maybe the Eastern Romans re-conquered all their old western lands, maybe the Templars weren't betrayed and built a scattered Empire of their own?

    The Templar Empire is one I haven't done yet... may do that next.
    Have the Holy Lands from Antioch to the Nile.
    Make Teutonics my vassals in the north.
    Have 2-3 lands in both Spain and France.
    Finally take Rome and confine the treacherous Pope to Palma, in exchange for peace
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    The think I like about it...

    Big world map
    More factions and including kingdoms ep factions like Teutonic, Lithuania and crusader states.
    Modified unit appearance
    More new faction units

    The most important is the battle, as it feel so realistic.

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    - Being 113 turns in to a campaign (Byzantium) and still discovering things !
    - Going on crusade as England, all shiny plate armour, and discovering that horse archers come in far too many inconvenient flavours.
    - A lot of little details - bloodlines, faction crowns, city titles, localised recruitment.
    - Occasionally seeing the BAI earn the 'Intelligence' part of the name.

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    I Really Love Republics System it is Just Amazing Playing without any Leaders at All but the Rebellion is Very REpetitive Struggle,However Playing With England or Egypt Gives That Felling of Both Resources and Defensive Start, if Manupliated Right and Put The Forts Right On The Main Road No Invasions Or Blockages Can Even Occurs
    I Came,I Saw I Partially Differentiate

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