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    Sorry if this topic has been covered. I just installed Stainless Steel 6.4 which is alot better than the original version of MTW2. However the Guild System in stainless steel seems quirky.

    In the original game you needed to train merchants and merchant buildings to get a Merchant Guild and priests and churches for Theoligans guild etc.

    However with Stainless Steel it seems that random guilds are offered in each city that you werent trying to build? In one city I was offered a merchants guild, but had not even constructed a grain exchange.

    Is this normal? If it is, it sucks compared to the original game

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    also.... why are the Generals so low rated? 99% of the Generals created have 0-1 command stars? Is there a way to create better Generals? I know in Knights of Honor if you used your King/Doge/Faction leader in battle, your generals can come out stronger

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    When you train an agent/build a building the city in which they are trained/built receives "guild points" for that specific guild.
    When the sum of those points exceeds a threshold, the offer to build the guild is given.
    If you agree, more points are added, if you reject the offer then points are subtracted.
    The thing is that you also receives points for the specific guild faction wide and you may get offered to build a guild in a city other than the one you want it for.
    In this case you say no and lose points from the specific guild.
    The idea is that the specific city will lose more points.
    If you keep being "friendly" to the guild whose building you want, then eventually you are going to be offered it.
    IMS the point requirement is higher is SS so for now you are stuck with the guilds you have "favored" the most.
    If you reject them a few times they will stop offering you for a while.

    I don't know knights of honor.
    In SS you get a tougher hand.
    You simply need to train your generals by having them fight battles that are not too easy.
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