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Thread: Late Era recruitment - events not firing

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    Default Late Era recruitment - events not firing

    So I'm playing as England in the Late Era campaign. Real recruitment and BGR are enabled. I read, that in order to recruit Longbowmen "heavy mail" event needs to fire up. This should happen between 1200-1215. It's now the year 1257, and the only event I've gotten is the "partial plate".

    Is there a fix for this, or should I just start up another campaign with the real recruitment disabled?

    P.S. As a bonus, I'd appreciate if anyone is able to let me know if the recruitment orders can be altered by the player. I hate it when in the middle of campaign my king issues an order, that only WC members can conduct offensive actions, and I only have one WC member. Of course I can't get anyone to rise up to WC if I can't perform offensive actions with other characters.

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    There are ways you can alter when things happen (I don't know them) but....
    Recruiting longbowmen in England doesn't happen till around 1270... so at 1257 you are still good.
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