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    Default Ruby Watch

    A small castle situated ideally for watching trade passing along the river, and protecting the heart of the Riverlands

    Guardian of the Ruby Fork
    Rolund Bracken "The Wild Horse"

    Age: 25 (Born 215 AL)

    - Confident: This character is very self-assured, brimming with confidence and difficult to shake even under pressure. However, taken to an extreme, they can show a suicidal disregard for their life and the lives of others, and fail to take...well, failure into account when planning. +1 battle rolls, +1 to rout rolls against this character.
    - Sociable: This character is an extroverted social butterfly, capable of making friends left and right. However, they have little time for 'boring' matters like finances, and are more interested in buying flashy things to show off to their friends than managing their wealth. +1 Charisma, -2% income.

    - Impulsive: This character acts before (sometimes, without) thinking. They might move and decide more quickly than others, but their recklessness can lead them to disaster as well. +5% movement speed, -1 to detection rolls.

    Battles 3 (1 from temperment)

    Personal Combat 3
    Charisma 2 (1 from temperment)

    The interests of Rolund Bracken boil down to wine, war, and women, and he cherishes all three almost equally. The "Wild Horse" is seen to be the opposite of his eldest brother in many ways, except for one crucial way. So far, both have eschewed marriage in favor of other pursuits. Of course, unlike Tarrence, in Rolund's case those other pursuits do include many women - just not any form of attachment to any.

    Rolund is headstrong, bold and rash, considered a brilliant leader of men and extremely talented individual combatant, and his combination of youth, skill, confidence and good looks makes him quite popular. However, even in the areas in in which he exceeds, his recklessness can get him into trouble, and he has been known to lose a tourney bout because he let his opponent goad him into a foolish move.

    Lord Tarrence is still hopeful that he will be able to corral his younger brother some day, but Rolund is perfectly content with the way things are now.

    Dark Bodyguard: Being seen with plenty Knights about you makes you look secure, but you aren't really. Assassins can see those Knights too and know how to avoid them. Someone not in armour, but still making it their business to protect you from the shadows, might see people the Knights don't. +1 Survival.

    Veteran Swordsman: What better way to stay at the top of your game than to have someone paid to spar with you? A veteran swordsman is a man whose lifetime has been spent with a sword, who knows every move and counter-move, and he can teach them all to you. +1 Duel.

    Prime Stallion: The very best horses aren't easy to find and aren't cheap to maintain if they're to stay the be​st. Making room in your budget to always have the best horse money can buy available is a wise move for any Knight. +1 Joust.

    The Castle

    Poor Province: 30,000 dragons/year

    Small Trade Market:
    Complete 12/22/17


    Very small levy - 750 points
    200 Light Infantry (200 points)
    150 Archers (150 points)
    100 Crossbowmen (100 points)
    100 Polearms (150 points)
    40 Heavy infantry (80 points)
    20 Elite Cavalry (70 points)

    500 Riverland Knights garrison

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