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Thread: The Gates of the Moon, Winter Seat of House Arryn

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    Default The Gates of the Moon, Winter Seat of House Arryn

    House Arryn

    "High as Honor”

    The Gates of the Moon

    The Gates of the Moon is a stout castle with a moat, a gatehouse, a yard, and square towers. It is larger than the Eyrie. At night torches flicker at its ramparts and the moon is reflected in its moat. Beyond its postern gate is a dense forest of pine and spruce, as well as the steep, carved steps along the Giant's Lance. Named towers include the East Tower and the Falcon Tower. When viewed from the Eyrie above, the towers and keeps of the Gates of the Moon appear the size of children's toys.


    Guardian of the Gates
    Lord Guardian of the Gates of the Moon: Lord Guardian Hugh Arryn


    40,000 Base Income
    0,000 Trade Resources (0%)
    0,000 Skill (0%)
    0,000 Buildings (0%)

    Total: 40,000 Dragons


    1. Market Square Resource: Fruits (+2 Survival to all family, +2 Charisma to the Lord, +400 Militia)
    2. Merchant's Square Resource: Grain (+1,800 Militia)
    3. Trade Hub Resource: Livestock (+1,200 Militia)


    Tier I: Small Trade Market: Gives access to the trade system, provides one resource to select to trade. - Militia Armory: +500 Militia Points - Wall Reinforcements: +1 Siege Defense rolls
    Tier II: Medium Trade Market: Unlocks an additional trade resource, which may be kept or traded. - Town Watch: +1,000 Militia Points, 5% cheaper professional troop hire. - Citadel Towers: +1 Siege Defense rolls
    Tier III: Barracks: +1,000 Militia Points, 10% cheaper professional troop hire. - Trade Hub: Allows owners of the province to gain an additional trade route. - Holdfast: +1 Siege Defence rolls. Holdfast acts as a second castle within the first, which has the basic +siege bonus plus the Tier I and Tier II bonuses. Will survive a 6 month (3.5 day) siege from when the outer castle falls.
    Tier IV: NONE


    Militias. +1,000 militia points.
    Military Infrastructure. +1,000 militia points.


    Siege Defense

    12 Month (1 Weeks) Siege
    8 Assault
    +3 Assault (Buildings)
    200% Land Levy capacity
    Holdfast that blocks the way up to the Eyrie (6 month siege)

    Total: +11

    50 Heavy Infantry (100 points)
    100 Light Infantry (100 points)
    50 Polearm Infantry (75 points)
    60 Archers (60 points)
    Total: 260 men

    Gates of the Moon (1,500 Points)

    Light Infantry: 1,125
    Archers: 375
    Total: 1,500

    Militia (7,900 Points)
    Polearms: 1,300
    Archers: 700
    Heavy Infantry: 1,600
    Light Cavalry: 700
    Heavy Cavalry: 500
    Total: 4,800

    500x Knights of the Vale (free)
    600x Knights of the Bloody Gate
    600x Knights of the Vale
    300x Household Knights
    Total: 2,000
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