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    Just a rather large watchtower serving as lighthouse, guiding the ships across the turbulent and dangerous waters around Sharp Point. Daeron Targaryen was named as its warden, but he doesn't even care about it, so he left an old steward in charge of the building and its meager sworn lands and subjects. Some say the keeper has some fraudelent businesses, probably related to the oddly increasing amount of shipwrecks in the zone.

    Warden: Daeron Targaryen (absent)
    Daeron Targaryen


    Aegon V and his sons, from left to right: Duncan the Small, Jaehaerys and Daeron.

    Born 225 AC.
    Titles: Prince of the realm.
    Status: Betrothed, to Olenna Redwyne.
    Children: None.

    Traits and Temperaments (4+1=5):

    +1 Survival.
    +2 Battles (+1 from Temperaments).
    +2 Personal Combat.

    - Confident: This character is very self-assured, brimming with confidence and difficult to shake even under pressure. However, taken to an extreme, they can show a suicidal disregard for their life and the lives of others, and fail to take...well, failure into account when planning. +1 battle rolls, +1 to rout rolls against this character.
    - Upbeat: Nothing seems to get this character down. They're perpetually smiling and looking on the bright side of even the darkest developments, truly the kind of optimism that can be infectious...or delusional, if the situation is bad enough. +1 to surviving non-battle death rolls, -1 to post-battle rolls (captivity, death, wounding).

    Austere: This character disdains pomp and pageantry, instead preferring a plain & simple (the uncharitable might say 'rigidly spartan') lifestyle. +5% income, -1 Charisma.

    aeron, youngest son of Aegon Targaryen and his wife, Betha Blackwood, few years before the unlikely prince became king. Aegon had married Betha out of love, not political necessity, and their marriage was harmonious and blissful, demonstrated by the number of children they managed to father in a rather short time. Meaningless at the time, Aegon was but the youngest of Maekar Targaryen’s sons, a man who had squired for many years to Duncan the Tall, who had served as his long-time companion, teaching him values like humility, compassion, empathy, mercy, temperance and diligence. Unlike the previous kings, who had been brought up at court, mostly isolated from the subjects they, often arbitrarily ruled, Aegon was raised among the smallfolk, suffering what they suffered, traveling the Seven Kingdoms, from the shivering lands of the Norths to the scorching sun of Dorne. Thusly, when Aegon unexpectedly became king he knew that his paramount duty was to concern himself with the well-being of his people, continuously trying to curb the power of the nobility to lessen the hardships that occurred more than often to their vassals and peasants to them subjected. It was no easy task, as the lords of Westeros were hardly concerned by the smallfolk, least so their welfare and prosperity.

    A strong, rowdy man, the king died in a most unlikely fashion, as he had always lived, at the young age of forty, leaving behind an uneasy realm. Many troubles came from his unruly offspring. Aegon had been a strong-willed man, but nothing as much as Betha Blackwood, his wife, who had a temper to tame wild bears into submission. Thus, it was hardly surprising that one after another the betrothals between Aegon’s sons and the daughters of many principal families were broken without further explanation. Duncan had wed, worst of it all, a commoner, Jenny of Oldstones, whom he had probably met in a royal progress and who everyone considered a poor match for a king: not even Aegon, with his love for the peasantry, found the match agreeable, deemed unsuitable for the rank of his eldest son and Prince of Dragonstone. However, there was little he could do, as Duncan has ever since refused to hear any concerns, from priests and noblemen alike, from both his father and the High Septon himself. All were disregarded. Shortly thereafter, and in the wake of Jaehaerys and Shaera’s incestuous and non-approved marriage and consummation, Aegon died, leaving a sorrowful populace and a baffled family. Worst of it all, when Duncan married Jenny he called off the match with Baratheon's daughter, which could have disastrous consequences.

    Daeron himself had little to say in any of these, being a youngling, a mere squire and page in the court of Lord Tyrell. However, and despite he could have married the highborn Olenna Redwyne, whose betrothal was signed by their parents few years ago, he hasn’t, unwilling to marry. The reason behind all this is no-one but his so-called companion, Jeremy Norridge, with whom he has been inseparable since the cusp of their teenage years, their amity growing into something more
    intimate and far less brotherly that expected. Thus, Daeron has little or no intention to marry his intended and there are those who say, despite he is still in his fifteenth year, that he has stubbornly rejected any proposals from the Arbor and convinced his brother to deal with the affair as soon as possible. Norridge, his actual love, has no complains about the prince ever finding a bride, but is the headstrong Daeron who refuses to ever bring the matter into consideration, no matter the nature of the contract signed by his progenitor, the king. Simply, the prince prefers Jeremy’s companionship and affect to whatever a woman can provide. The nature of their relationship is obscure to everyone else, considering the two young men merely brother-at-arms and friends, when the truth is more intriguing. However, the queen herself knows it and possibly many more in royal family have more than a mere notion about the dealings between Norridge and their own kinsman.

    Daeron is a silver-haired and purple-eyed man, having inherited the pure and undiminished Valyrian traits from his father and grandfather, while Duncan himself is dark-haired, like Betha Blackwood, whose black locks are like a raven’s feathery wings. Tall and lanky, still not fully grown, Daeron seems to be a promising lad, though considering his young age is too soon to ascertain the proclivities of his character or his inclinations, beyond his affection between him and the aforementioned Jeremy Norridge. However, he has inherited his mother willful nature and his father’s love for the simple and small things, being fond of the smallfolk and their ways. Still, he is a princeling and has more of a mundane curiosity for the peasantry than an intimate connection like his father, bred among them, had when he lived and ruled. Nevertheless, he spends long time among the commoners, hunting and riding through the countryside, being fond of sleeping in small hamlets and villages, sharing his bread with mere farmers or feasting with the miller and his family on the eve of the New Year. He has a like for reading without being bookish or dancing without being at ease at a pageant. Simply, he lives between both worlds, those of the lavish noble household and peasant hut. The prince has a penchant for humble clothing, preferring outfits befitting more a simple man than a highborn.


    Income: 20,000
    Modifiers: 5%
    Total: 21,000-10,000 (retainers)=11,000 GD



    Tier I:

    Tier II:

    Tier III:

    Tier IV:


    Very Small levy-500 points
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    Jaehaerys sends a man to find Daeron, wherever he might be. He is summoned to the Tower of the Hand.

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