The Blue Fork

The Blue Fork lies south of Oldstones.
Lord Warden of the One Trident

Frankyln Frey
Age: 55, Born 185 AL
Rank/Titles: Knight of the Twins
Marital Status: Unmarried
Children: None
Skill(s): +2 Survival, +2 Battles, +2 Scout
Squires: none
Equipment: none
Retinue: None

Upgrades - The Blue Fork

Tier I
Small Trade Market - Gives access to the trade system, provides one resource to select to trade.

Market Square: +10% income

(River provinces only) Small Riverport: +10% income, mutually exclusive with the Coastal Dockyards

Tier II

Tier III

Blue Fork Levies

Frey Levy - 1,500 Levy Points
Light Infantry

Frey Militia - TBD

Light Infantry:
Heavy Infantry:
Light Cavalry:
Heavy Cavalry:

Frey Professional Soldiery -TBD
500 Riverlander Knights (Free)