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Thread: The Druken Dragon Inn, Kingslanding

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    Default The Druken Dragon Inn, Kingslanding

    The outside of the building is unassuming, a wooden sign marks the entrance, shaped like a dragon with red lettering reading “The Drunken Dragon” across its torso. A poorly lit Inn, with patrons of less than high repute. Whores, drunkards, and petty criminals all ply their trade within these walls and Bryan makes a pretty penny off all their trades. A number of guards, bearing no livery, keep the patrons in line.

    Company Assets
    Guildhouse: Level 4 in Kingslanding
    1. The Drunken Dragon (Kingslanding, Level 4 Inn)
    2. The Crooked Tower (Oldtown, Level 3 Inn)
    3. The Cross Eyed Wolf (White Harbor, Level 3 Inn)
    4. The Blitzered Lion (Lannisport, Level 3 Inn)
    5. The Good Duncan (Trade Hulk, Level 2 Trade Ship)
    6. (OPEN)
    7. (OPEN)

    Yearly Income: 36,000 (Merchant Prince)
    0 x Level 1 Assets: 0,000
    1 x Level 2 Assets: 15,000
    3 x Level 3 Assets: 90,000
    1x Level 4 Assets: 60,000
    Modified Income: 26,130
    Total Yearly Income: 227,130

    Bryan the Crownlander
    Humors: Primary Sanguine: Upbeat (+1 non-battle death rolls, -1 post battle rolls) & Sociable (+1 Charisma, -2% Income) Secondary Phlegmatic: Empathetic (+2 Charisma, -1 battle, -1 duels, -1 joust)
    Traits: +6 (3) Charisma, +3 (+13%) Wealth, +1 non-battle death rolls, -1 battle, -1duels, -1 joust, -1 post battle rolls
    Marital Status: Unmarried
    Children: None known
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    Default Re: The Druken Dragon Inn, Kingslanding

    Word spreads across the merchants, sailing from White Harbour over Gulltown towards the capital and then back to the Free Cities that Lord Sunderland invites with the prosperous boom of Sisterton every Westerosi merchant to his local town.
    Rumors of plans for a prosperous future and influence were mentioned among those talks, though noone knew anything certain.

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