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Thread: Stone Hedge, seat of House Braacken

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    Default Stone Hedge, seat of House Braacken


    Lord Tarrence Bracken

    Age: 36 (Born 206 AL)

    - Meticulous: This character loves to analyze situations down to the last minutiae before acting. On one hand this means they'll probably have a clear picture going in, on the other their decision-making abilities could easily become paralyzed as they spend too much time analyzing and not enough acting. +1 detection rolls, -5% movement speed.
    - Pessimistic: This character is always looking at the negative side of things. They may be right in some cases - when you suspect every man you meet to be a bad guy, you're probably right at least one out of ten times - but it doesn't exactly make them endearing. +1 to survival rolls, -1 Charisma.

    - Empathic: This character is strongly attuned to the emotions of others and cares for them, making them great friends or kinsmen to have - but poor warriors and generals. +2 Charisma, -1 to battle/joust/duel rolls.

    Logistician 2


    Charisma 2 (1 from temperment)
    Wealth 1
    Survival 2

    A thoughtful, some say sorrowful man, Tarrence Bracken has always been fascinated with books. His passions are learning and knowledge, and he sometimes seems to have little interest in the rest of the world. Of course, thinking this is a critical mistake as like any decent lord in the seven kingdoms he knows how to manipulate his way around various political intrigues of the kingdom. He is quiet, gentle, and rather likeable, all things considered.

    He was known to care deeply for his younger brother Brynden, and many suspect the latter's death may have contributed to the melancholy attitude of the Lord of Stone Hedge.

    Brynden Bracken
    His younger brother. Born 210 AL, died 235 AL in a hunting accident

    Melyssa Bracken (nee Deddings, his widow)

    Edric Bracken

    Age 10 (Born 230 AL) - son of Brynden

    - Idealistic: This person is a strong believer in higher ideals and the innate goodness of man. On the one hand they tend to be inspiring and uplifting figures, on the other they can be taken advantage of by those who live well beneath their expectations. +1 Charisma, -1 to rout/assassination/escape rolls

    - Sociable: This character is an extroverted social butterfly, capable of making friends left and right. However, they have little time for 'boring' matters like finances, and are more interested in buying flashy things to show off to their friends than managing their wealth. +1 Charisma, -2% income.
    - Upbeat: Nothing seems to get this character down. They're perpetually smiling and looking on the bright side of even the darkest developments, truly the kind of optimism that can be infectious...or delusional, if the situation is bad enough. +1 to surviving non-battle death rolls, -1 to post-battle rolls (captivity, death, wounding).

    Battle 1
    Logistics 1

    Charisma 2 (2 from temperment)
    Survival 1
    Personal Combat 1

    Lysa Bracken


    Medium Levy - 2750 points + 1,800 points (grain)
    1,000 Light Infantry (1,000 points)
    500 Archers (500 points)
    350 Crossbowment (350 points)
    150 Light Cavalry (150 points)
    400 Polearms (600 points)
    300 Heavy Infantry (600 points)
    300 Heavy Cavalry (900 points)
    150 Elite Infantry (450 points)

    Prosperous Province: 40000 dragons/year

    Tier 1
    Small Trade Market (grain)
    Militia Armoury
    Market Square
    City Watch Quarters
    Wall Reinforcements

    Tier II:
    Merchant's Square
    City Watch Barracks


    Gooding of Godsbrook - small levy, 1500 points

    Deddings of Medway - very small levy, 750 points

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    Default Re: Stone Hedge, seat of House Braacken

    A raven arrives from the Twins, inviting Lord Bracken to sup with the Freys.

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    Default Re: Stone Hedge, seat of House Braacken

    Lord Terrance Bracken is summoned to attend upon his liege with his retainers and any liverymen he may have. He is specifically instructed not to call his banners.

    Likewise, Ser Rolund is summoned to Riverrun with all haste, he is instructed to arrive with both his personal retinue and the five hundred men sworn to the Red Fork.

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    Default Re: Stone Hedge, seat of House Braacken

    Ahead of the royal host, a messenger arrives, bringing word from the Hand of the King. His mandate is to arrest the Lord Tyrell, currently residing at Riverrun, for disobeying a direct instruction from the Crown. While support would be appreciated, it is not demanded or required - Bracken may simply ignore the events if he wishes so as the Lord Hand means him no harm.

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