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Thread: Weird problem with Late Era campaign

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    Default Weird problem with Late Era campaign

    When I start the Late Era campaign I should be able to recruit Castrophilakae from the very beginning in the city near Constantinopole (Nicosia?). The building responsible for recruiting them lists them, but I don't have the option to recruit them on the unit scroll.

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    Default Re: Weird problem with Late Era campaign

    This is probably because the event, I forget what its called, that enables you to use them hasn't happened, or it is bugged. This being said, I would recomencd you go over to the the SSHIP or Titanium forums, download the latest version and play either one of them instead of SS 6.4. You'll be far less likley to come across as many bugs and you'll find a more completed game with far more features and added content then vanilla SS.

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    Thank you for the hint.
    Though I would think that if the event hasn't happened, they shouldn't show in the building description as available, should they?

    As for SSHIP/Titanium - which one would you suggest? How are they different? Which one is better? Which one is more complete?

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    Hey, it's me again. The Castrophylakes issue kinda resolved itself, for some reason while in early campaign they're available from the get go (as soon as one constructs a building for them), in Late campaign they become available in the 4th turn. Oh well.

    Now, I have another Easter Roman Empire Recruitment questions. I can't seem to recruit General's Bodyguard (Athanatoi). I have a Fortress, I have the option to recruit them, I recruit them, I get the message that they have been recruited... but no new general appears in the settlements where I trained them.

    Do bodyguards require some trait in one of the txt files to "become" generals?

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    Default Re: Weird problem with Late Era campaign

    They should show up upon recruitment as a new general, I'm not sure why they wouldn't... Does the bodyguard unit show up?

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    Default Re: Weird problem with Late Era campaign

    No, they don't, neither as a general nor as a unit. It is as if they weren't recruited at all.
    Oh, and the issue is also with Early campaign.

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    Default Re: Weird problem with Late Era campaign

    The reason why you can't recruit them for a few turns is that the recruitment pool starts at 0. Most units start with a full recruitment pool. Castrophilakae don't.

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    A lot of units aren't recruitable on turn one, castrophilikae for Byzantium is one example, but there are a number of others I've noticed for other factions as well. As soon as you pass your turn to turn 2 they appear in the recruitment pool.

    Not sure about your issue with the generals not appearing. Open up your "Lists" tab, is the new general listed there?

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