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Thread: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

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    Default Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Total Vanilla Beyond

    !Very Important Notice!
    !This version is no longer supported. The 2.7 is released, please hopp over to this thread.!

    ! Important Notice !

    • This is not a patch for Total Vanilla Beyond 1.5, it is a full mod, the changes I made were too many too keep track of in single files.
    • So please delete the 1.5 Version and replace it with this one. Saves, etc. are not compatible.
    • If you encounter the Startup error - for some it maybe solved! See below on how to delete three movies, then it should work. (I still have no idea what causes this for some users, it seems random and is not repeatable for me, so I can help very little outside of some suggestions - Sorry)
    • If you encounter an error starting a grand campaign, it may have to do how you have unpacked the mod. You have to unpack the mod, as well as the patches right clicking on the zips, selcting properties and checking the box on the security option to unblock. Otherwise you may get an error, that leads to a ctd when starting a campaign. (This might be only windows 10 related, or if you use the windows integrated unzipper, but I don't know for sure)

    Short Description

    Total Vanilla Beyond is the successor of my „Total Vanilla“ mod.
    It is a Vanilla+ experience with the base game greatly expanded, but keeps the feeling of the vanilla experience.

    It provides more factions, more units and a bigger campaign map with more settlements (including the Americas and expanded to the East)
    There are also some tweaks, features and content added.

    This mod has also a focus on crusades and the knightly orders, so the possibilities for troop recruitment in the Outremer and through the knightly orders are greatly expanded.
    It is not intended for more historical accuracy, so don't expect it accurate beyond the vanilla experience.

    If you look for a mod, that keeps the vanilla feeling but expands the experience, you may be in the right place here...

    Mod summary/ change notes (changes in relation to the unmodded game)

    New factions and faction changes

    • Mongols – starting far east at Karakorum. (If the Mongols are not played by the player, they will get a huge money boost from 1218-1300. If they feel like it, they could visit europe with some stacks.

    Added from the kingdoms expansion as playable factions:

    • Ireland – starting in ireland obviously
    • Norway – starting in norway and on iceland
    • Lithuania – starting as a pagan faction with the possibility to convert to catholicism with the famous „catholicism wow“ campaign
    • Novgorod – starting in the old russia starting position, russland moved to kiev

    New non playable factions:

    • Added the Apacheans from the kingdoms expansion in north america as non playable faction, Idle until discovered

    New playable factions:

    • Damascus – starting in Damascus, with a mix of egyptian and turkish units and focus on heavy infantry and a rockettastic surprise.
    • Khwarazmian Empire – starting east of the caspian sea, with a mix of Middle Eastern Troops.
    • Cumans – starting north of the caspian sea, with a mix of turkish and mongol troops.
    • Caliphate of Bagdad (aka the Abbassids) – mostly egyptian units with faction unique dismounted Mamluks. Starting in Bagdad.
    • Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia – starting in Cilicia as a orthodox nation surrounded by muslim empires


    • 500 Units in game (too many to keep track of and list them)
    • Changed Pikemen spacing and values, should be more useful now
    • Integrated units from the Kingdoms Campaign (used GUAM v6 + others that were not included in GUAM)
    • Made some new units, like the Holy Sepulcher Sergeants, Berserkes, etc. Added Knights Lazarus (Jerusalem, Acre), Constable of Antioch, Franciscan Monks (Jerusalem) And even more units like the Constables of all Crusader states, etc... Removed the Mangonel.
    • Changed the firing stance of every gun unit, so they wont shuffle around. More range for ribault units + more ribaults
    • New units for the knightly orders (dismounted knights, teutonic hochmeister, sergeants, crossbow, etc.)
    • New units for the holy land, recruitable by catholic factions in the outremer training grounds, and available in special places like Jerusalem, Antioch, Edessa (Constable of Jerusalem, Knights of Antioch, Tripolitan Squires, and many more. They are only replenishable locally, exempt are the various Constabler.
    • Welsh Unit Rooster available in Wales by the Welsh Mercenary Building Chain. Can be replenished throughout Britannia.
    • Gunpowder Units now pack a lot more punch.
    • Dismounted mailed knights are available to all western factions
    • Outremer Units, Order Units, Welsh units, etc. can be replenished through a supply building.
    • Added Officers to unique units like the Constabler
    • Some unit balancing and some recruitment priority balancing (this is never finished only in an acceptable state)


    • World is round event happens on turn one
    • You can now travel to the Americas with every ship using the northern route, southern route and western route. You will see the AI make use of them fairly early.
    • No Mongol invasion, as they are playable now
    • Removed Timurid invasion, because the timurids are now the Cumans, Mongols gained theregore Timurid units, as the Timurids where Mongols with gunpowder anyway.
    • New event movie when apacheans get discovered
    • Lithuania can converse to christendom


    • Debt Script for AI Factions to prevent them from going into crushing debt. If the Ai is in debtthey cant build any more armies before they are out of debt, but they can still build buildings to help them get out of debt. So they wont stay dormant, because of a negative treasury. When they get out of debt and have a positive income, they will continue as normal and get no building cost bonus.


    • Added 2 new intro movies when the game starts up. Replaced the old one with them.
    • Added new main menue movie
    • Added new loading screens
    • Changed the campaign and battle interface for the european factions
    • Factions now have the appropriate sound/voices on the stratmap

    Campaign Map

    • Added new settlements (198 now in total)
    • Expanded the Map to the east to Karakorum (a little bit squished), Americas are still there and expanded
    • Added new landmasses (Iceland, as hopping point to North America)
    • 3 new trading ressources (Salt, Honey, Tar)
    • There are for the most 2 ressources in every province, they yield now more money (Some exceptions in the Americas)
    • Changed some starting positions and settlements to accomodate new factions
    • Doubled movement range for agents and ships.
    • Movement range for armies is now roughly 1.4 times, this fits well in europe and supports the long ranges in the east. A good sideeffect is, that an crusading/jihad ai army reaches it's destination quicker. Makes for an interesting gameplay.
    • No more floods, because after they occured they prevented building of watchtowers in this region
    • Ocean Routes. Specific Routes to the americas should now be much faster, because i made water corridors
    • Toned down Rebel, Heretic and Witch spawn
    • Buildable Stone forts, they tend to crumble if left not garrisoned
    • Rebelling captains, characters should now happen with lesser frequency (half)
    • Completely reworked the americas part of the map. The landmasses are bigger now and Mexico resembles now roughly its real world counterpart (one Aztec settlement placement is a bit off (i know that)). Also the landmasses are now much closer to the old world, so don't be surprised if you encounter the "new world discovered" event in the first few turns, as the ai now goes there. Granted, they are not very successful but at least they try.
    • Two new settlements in the Americas: Roanoke (I know, i know, not historical accurate but I liked the idea) and Chichen Itza.)
    • Beauty things, coastlines, climates, terrain, etc.
    • Some minor changes in settlement/ harbor placement and starting buildings/population
    • Two new landbridges (gotland, krim))
    • Complete rework of the region names and some settlement names thanks to Balsiefen, who made this vor the 1.0 version and I implemented it in this version
    • More free upkeep slots that are available in cities and castles. Free slots as follows: 2,4,5,6,7)


    • Reduced Building Time. No Building takes longer than 5 Turn.
    • Tweaked a few building times and prices for the new buildings
    • Tier 3 Roads (Highways) can now be built after the gunpowder event
    • Roads offer slight trading boosts
    • Ballista/ Cannon Towers provide a bit of happiness
    • Explorers Guild now provides Diplomats with traits and increae trade volume (Journeyman, etc)
    • Merchants Guild gives Merchants Journeyman Trait and offers recruitment of Silk Road Guards or Patricians Company Men at Arms in certain places.
    • Theologians guild now provides a conversion bonus and gives priests journeyman traits
    • Thieves Guild is now harder to get. Removed the trigger that gave all settlements Thiefes Guild points if a spy ended his turn in a foreign settlement
    • Masons Guild now gets a small amount of points from units recruited in a settlement
    • Swordsmith guild now grants experience to all units created, instead of the weapon upgrade
    • Woodsmen Guild now available for all factions
    • France, England, Spain, Portugal can recruit from city barracks: conquistadores and cuirassers (only in america)
    • HRE can recruit Pike, Zweihander, Pistolers from cities (only in america)
    • The Missionary unit can be recruited from churches (only in america)
    • Supply Lines – Guild, Welsh and Knightly Order units now can get replenished where this is build, Outremer Units are exempt, due to a hardcoded limit.
    • Unique Buildings (St. peters Basilika, Hagia Sophia, Kaaba, Dome of the Rock, Church of the holy sepulcher) with factionwide boni to religion and happiness
    • Unique Buildings in Toledo and Damascus – provides weapon upgrades, first local, the factionwide
    • Some more unique buildings, especially in the levant with new units, some of them unique. (Check Jerusalem, Acre, Tripoli, Antioch, Edessa) (oh, and check Prague )
    • Welsh Mercenary building - supplies welsh troops (only buildable in Wales)
    • Buildings St. Peters Church, Order of St. Lazarus, Custody of the Holy Land, Tower of David, Order of the Sepulcher, and some more.
    • Castle Market – Provides a small trade boost in castles

    Knightly Orders

    • The Knightly orders get a whole set of buildings. If you have a minor Chapter House in a city or castle, you can build the foot Quarters that give you access to the foot troops or other troops of the order, escpecially as the teutonic Order.
    • It is possible to get the hospitaller and the templar order at the same time. But not in the same settlement.
    • Every order gives a special bonus, so it is now more viable to go for templars too.
    • Example: Templar provide Morale for recruited troops.
    • Order troops now have more distinguished strenght and weaknesses (Attack (Templar) Defence (Hospitaller) Middle Ground (Santiago) The Beasts (Teutonic))


    • Slave/Rebel Faction Changed to Free Cities.
    • Dismounted Knights (Frankish, German,...) are now available as mercs
    • Merc skins and unit cards are mostly reworked, so they are more colorful and no longer this brownish tone.

    Other Changes

    • There may be other changes, if I could remeber them all I would have a photographic memory... (modding is sometimes a very chaotic process)

    Mods used as a base for this mod

    (Much thanks for this work and effort)

    Retrofit Mod by Unspoken Knight (TWCenter)
    Grand unit addon mod by Calendarius (TWCenter)
    Stone Forts Complete by Gigantus (TWCenter)
    Dismounted Mailed Knights by Lord Condormanius (TWCenter)
    G5 Settlement Tweaks v1.01 for M2TW\Kingdoms by Germanicu5 (TWCenter)
    Historical Region Names (submod for Total Vanilla Beyond) by Balsiefen (TWCenter) (Thank you)
    And much inspiration and help from the TW Center Forum


    • No, it does not require any previous Total Vanilla releases. It is a standalone mod.
    • No, it's the same AI as in vanilla and I myself will most likely never meddle with AI
    • No, I can't make "insert faction", I already reached the faction limit (now for real)
    • No, it's not hardcore realism and historicaly accurate, it plays like vanilla (so please no complaints about that)
    • No, it is not comparable with Stainless Steel (hole team, many years of development), it's just me doing the modding (and I have never worked in a team, as I like to change things as I want to, when I want to and have no discussion about it. This does not mean, that I am not open to suggestions and help)
    • No, the units are not completely rebalanced and I have no intend to do so, except some glaring issues. I did some balancing here and there, but it is mostly the same as in the Retrofit mod.
    • Yes, if you enjoy the vanilla Medieval 2 experience you should probably check this mod out
    • Yes it is tested to the best of my abilities and pretty bugfree as far as I could test it. Please keep in mind, that I can not test every scenario or constellation. So there may be some bugs, but nothing gamebreaking, that I am aware of.
    • Yes, feedback is much appreciated and I may consider suggestions to implement them if I like them.
    • Yes, you may have patience with me. Sometimes I can not answer right away and it can take a lot of time (it is not intended). I will try to help everyone to the best of my abilities if they run into a problem.
    • Yes, if you would like to make a submod, feel free to make one and post it here (You can ask me before posting). I will support and help you if you have questions, within limitations. If the submod it is inappropriate or violates rules, I will delete it. And please do not expect me to test it or provide assistance if a user encounters any problems.
    • Yes I would love a cookie

    Installation instructions:

    Installation Steam
    I only have the Steam version of this game, so this is the only installation
    instruction i can give you.

    1. copy the totalvanillab folder in the zip to the mods/ folder of the medieval 2
    installation This is found whereever steam installs your games
    2. Open up steam
    3. Right click on Medieval 2
    4. Open up Properties
    5. In the General Tab, Click on Launch Options
    6. Put this in: --features.mod=mods/totalvanillab
    6a. Do not forget the "b" in totalvanillab
    7. Save it, go back to steam and start up the game
    8. Enjoy, it should run now

    Installation CD Version
    As stated above i don‘t know if this works. I have provided Two .bat files inside
    the totalvanilla folder and two cfg files. But i can not confirm any of this,
    because i can‘t test it.
    1. copy the totalvanilla folder in the zip to the mods/ folder of the medieval 2
    2. Maybe you have to manually adjust the settings in the provided cfg file (not likely as the cfg file is now very barebones and contains only the most neccessary entries,
    resolution, etc to your specific settings.
    3. Run one of the .Bat files and see if it works

    Bugs/Known Issues

    • Maybe some typos, missing unit portraits, text etc.
    • Rarely a CTD, but this could be the normal Medieval 2 CTD (especially in huge siege battles) unrelated to this mod.
    • For some people the mod does not load up. baselhun has found a possible solution for this, please read the posts on page 2 of the Total Vanilla Beyond 1.0 thread.
    • It seems, that the entries in the totalvanilla.cfg file can lead to a startup error. Please copy your original game cfg file config lines into the total vanilla cfg file (found in the mod folder). Replace everything starting from [audio] with the lines from the original cfg file. leave the first three entries intact, save and start the game.
    • Sneaky Edit: It may be possible that the startup error that gets some of you is related to the new movie files (maybe a weird codec thing). So if you experience this, please go to the data folder of the mod data/fmv/ and delete the "logos.bik", "dump0000.bik" and game_intro.bik" and try again. Let me know if that helps. This could be an explanation why some get the error and some can start up without an issue.
    • Seaky Edit 2: Set the medieval2.exe into compatibility mode and admin rights, this could solve the startup error for some, if you encounter it (you may not have to delete the stated movies above, when it works). So try this first, before deleting.

    • Please, if you encounter problems, bugs, missing things (text, unit cards, etc, whatever) post it so I can help you and others. I will try my best to help you.

    Download Link "Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0" aprox. 1.4 GB (3.9 GB unpacked)

    Update from 2.0 to 2.1
    "Mercenaries Delight"

    Download Update 2.0 to 2.1

    !Important Notice on 2.1!
    Incorporated in this update are the patches 1 to 4. So there is no need to install them beforehand.
    This update will break savegames. You will have to start a new campaign.

    Contained in this update is:

    -Patches #1 to #4 are included (for changes see below)
    -3 Jihad specific units, recruitable throughout the east. Mujahideen (Sword + Shield), Mounted Mujahideen (Spear + Sword), Fedayeen (Naphta Bomb (2 pieces) and sword, can hide anywhere)
    These are recruitable once your general is on a jihad (much like crusader knights). This should give the jihads a little more spice, instead of the 2 lackluster units one got beforehand (those can still be recruited)
    -2 Eastern mercenary units (Syrian Auxiliaries (Archers) and Persian Mercenaries (Spear)). Those are recruitable by anybody throughout most of the east. They are the equivalent to the Mercenary Spearmen and Crossbowmen in Europe. The east was in dire need of them.
    -Viking Mercenaries recruitable by orthodox factions in some eastern european regions (think of a straight line from Novgorod to Constantinople)
    -A bit of rework to mercenary availability (not much. Most noticeable should be the Dismounted Crusader Knight which can now be recruited in Europe. Formerly only in the Levant.
    -A small fix for a wrong unit entry for polish starting troops.
    -Nothing more, that I remember.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The patches below are not needed anymore, if you applied the 2.1 update!

    Download patch#1 here:

    Patch #1
    -Fixed the missing "make my units flashy in battle" button, that was missing for some factions like Armenia and Bagdad
    -Fixed the wrong starting capitals for all factions that experienced this attrocity. (England is forever grateful not the start in the woods anymore)
    -Placed the Teutonic Order Ritterbruder and the Teutonic Order Hochmeister on their proper mailed mount (too much barding was going in in the Teutonic Order)
    -Well, yeah, that was it for now...

    Download patch#2 here:

    Patch #2
    -Fixed a CTD caused by a missing texture from the Balkan Archers (Merc unit)
    -Fixed the german spelling of William (Wilhelm), so it is now William the Conqueror
    -Fixed the pink unit portrait

    Download patch#3 here:

    Patch #3 change notes

    -Tripoli (Lebanon) starts now with the correct religion (islam) instead of 100% catholizism
    -Armenia received missing unit_info pictures for agents (not that important, but for the sake of it...)
    -Changed skin for Saethwyr (Welsh) to the correct one

    Download patch#4 here:

    Patch #4 change notes
    -Banners of the Cumans, Badgad, Armenia, Kwarezmian not turnin white when routing
    -Siege towers are now the right size for large city walls
    -Removed a mount that caused an error message (but was otherwise harmless)

    Patch/Update installation
    Step 1 - unzip it
    Step 2 - put the unzipped folder into the totalvanillab folder in your mod directory
    Step 3 - Say yes to overwrite existing files
    Step 4 - Say no to drugs
    Step 5 - start the game

    Thanks for your attention.
    Let me know if something breaks.
    Enjoy the mod.
    Have a great campaign.

    cheers azumi
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    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Campaign Map
    198 Settlements - 31 Factions - 28 Playable Factions - Expanded Americas/ Expanded East

    Campaign Map (in the year 1368)

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spain & Africa


    Where the Mongols live


    Viva Mexico

    To the North and into the Wild
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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Selection of Units in Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0

    Units of the Knightly Orders

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Every Knightly Order has now an additional building from which more troops can be recruited. Those buildings have different levels (depending on the city level) and require a chapterhouse of a Knightly Order present to be built.
    These recruitment buildings allow recruitment of foot and horsed units.
    In the following you can see which Orders can get which troops.

    Knights Templar

    Knights Hospitaller

    Knights of Santiago

    Teutonic Knights

    Units of the Outremer
    Recruitable in an around the Holy Land

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Units of the four Crusader States
    Recruitable in the specific settlements

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 





    Welsh Mercenary Units
    Recruitable in Wales only

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Units from the Merchant Guild & New World Unit
    Recruitable in areas with either Hanse of Silk Road hidden ressource
    Recruitable in the New World from a church.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    New/ Unique Buildings Info
    Location + Effect Examples

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Reserved for more info to come
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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    there is no button to highlight the troops in Armenia

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Thanks for pointing this out, it seems some of the new factions are missing that button.
    As it is not gamebreaking, it goes on the list of a future patch fixing this and other issues that may arise.
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Well done, 4zumi. I will try launching it on my gold version soon, to see if it does without issue. tomorow though, don't want to slow down a upload to mega.

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Thanks selv,

    I hope you can get it to run without any issue. I have changed the config file that is used, when you start the game with the bat file. It is now pretty barebones, but it writes a detailed log now by default.
    If you experience a startup error, you could try change it back from trace to the normal error log or just use your own cfg.
    The suggestions with deleting the three movies still stands if the startup issue still occurs (even if i overhauled them and reduced them in size and resolution).

    But lets hope you just can start it without a problem
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    I love this mod 4zumi.
    I was waiting the 2.0 release, thanks for create a really nice mod! and please, still modding

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    You are welcome Benja

    As far as I know myself, a can't let my fingers of modding But it may take a while until I dress up in full modding gear again...
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Good news, the mod launched without issue on my gold version using the alternative.bat, I didn't have to do anything. Hopefully it mean that it will on all cd versions but else, I doubt it's the mod itself, rather a os or driver issue. I am on win7 64.
    Last edited by selv; November 08, 2017 at 02:22 PM.

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Yay, thats good news.

    And it could very well be, that the startup error is an issue with specific systems.
    But I will wait and see, maybe some of my meddling resolved it by luck.

    Have fun on your first campaign...
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    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    do not play for Armenia

  15. #15

    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Could you elaborate on what you do mean by that?
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Going to check this out tomorrow in detail, just a few things I noticed:

    the .bat files. Using either on CD version results in mod launching in medieval2.exe, resulting in CTD when entering battle or campaign. Easy fix, alternative should look just this way:
    cd ..\..
    kingdoms.exe @mods\totalvanillab\Configuration.cfg
    This launches the game without a problem.

    A brief look at campaign map, capital of France is set as Rheims. It should be Paris...Rheims cathedral is only traditional place for coronation, like Cantenbury cathedral for English rulers, but Paris was administrative center.

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Quote Originally Posted by Sar1n View Post
    Going to check this out tomorrow in detail, just a few things I noticed:

    the .bat files. Using either on CD version results in mod launching in medieval2.exe, resulting in CTD when entering battle or campaign. Easy fix, alternative should look just this way:
    Quite strange. It isn't my experience at all. The alternative bat launch kingdoms.exe on my gold version. But then, I deleted the medieval2.exe from my med2 folder since I have no use for it so who knows... Though the alternative bat is just right, just like the baregeomod and should launch medieval2.exe only if it doesn't find a kingdoms.exe.
    Very strange.

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    @ sar1n
    The totalvanilla.bat is directed to the steam version, which has only the medieval.exe.
    The alternative.bat should work for disc and steam, and is, as selv mentioned, from the bare geomod.

    And for the capitals. Yeah i know that they can be a little bit off. I forgot to fix that. Same thing as Nottingham is the english capital at start.
    But as the AI tends to change the capital quiet frequently I never minded it as much and it slipped me.
    But I will write it on my list

    And thanks for checking it out.
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Oddly enough, alternative always launched medieval2.exe on my computer, had to do manual edit of .bat.

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    Default Re: Total Vanilla Beyond 2.0 Release

    Mhh, ok. I try actively not to understand everything how my mod works .

    I'm glad it is such an easy fix for you. Thanks for posting it.
    Others that may run into the same issue, can now solve it.
    Author of Total Vanilla Beyond mod for Medieval 2 - Kingdoms

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