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Thread: Sebidee's Greenskin Wyverns

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    Default Sebidee's Greenskin Wyverns

    Is it just me or is traffic in these forums really low lately? Anyway going to post a new mod, I hope both of the guys who actually read this enjoy it.

    Steam Link:

    - This mod is SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE

    Hi guys,

    This is a small mod that adds a much needed unit to the Greenskin roster: Wyverns. Now you can recruit them as normal units instead only as mounts for lords. I made this mod for myself to use in my Greenskin campaign, but why not share it with you?

    'Foul, cruel and terrifying, Wyverns are among the most vicious creatures that inhabit the World's Edge Mountens. Orcs have been known to greet them with raucous cheers, for they represent both might and brutality, traits that are highly respected in Orc society.'

    In terms of stats, Wyverns are slightly weaker than the lord's mount. They are still a strong late game unit that opens up new tactics for a Greenskin player, it will also make AI greenskin armies more challenging!

    They are recruited from the same building as Giants and are avaliable to all Greenskin factions. They also come with a hand drawn unit card which is the exact same style as the vanilla units, so it should fit right in.

    I hope you like the mod and stay tuned for more. If you have any suggestions for mods you would like to see in the future then please let me know.

    Thanks and happy modding!

    - Sebidee

    Check out some of my other mods!

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    Default Re: Sebidee's Greenskin Wyverns

    Awesome work Sebidee! +rep

    I suggest you post an Announcement about it, which might help spread the word, but yes, the forums are definitely a bit quieter lately.

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