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Thread: Narnia Total War 1.0 Released!

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    Default Narnia Total War 1.0 Released!

    Jubal_Barca and his team proudly present the final release of Narnia Total War, a mod on the Rome: Total War 1.5 engine! It features 14 different factions that can battle across the Narnian world from the wastes of Old Telmar to the Lone Islands and from the deserts of southern Calormen to the mountainous giant realm of Harfang.
    Great attention has been given to book details in the mod, including a wide array of unique retinue ancillaries such as Puddleglum and Trufflehunter, units including centaurs, fauns, Galmian sailors, and wild wolves as well as high detail map with a fully working trade system and a wide array of unique buildings.

    Discover the Narnian world as you've never seen it before!
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