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Thread: About the military access (conditions/events) ?

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    Default About the military access (conditions/events) ?


    I create a new system of diplomacy (realistic and intelligent) that replace the obsolete RTW vanilla system. All function now very welll with alliances, treasons etc...

    But there is still one last thing that I could ameliorate to make my system really perfect in each case in campaign. I need to know how find and use the command that's treat about the military access (that allies can have).

    I don't find this command into docudemon conditions & events but this command inevitably exist that's why I can have this screen:

    In this situation, Sparta is allied with Elis, but have not the military access, and council of amphictyons "punish" the illegal intrusion. So, the game "know" that Sparta has no access. The command exists!

    I know how to make alliances with military access or without military access. On the other side, I need to know what is the condition or event for the game to know if a faction has a military access with an other or not. It's very important for my realistic historical mod.

    Somebody among the best modders have a solution?
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    Default Re: About the military access (conditions/events) ?

    I'm sorry I can't help you but the mod you are making looks interesting
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    Default Re: About the military access (conditions/events) ?

    Thanks you My mod is a total new challenge never seen before...!

    I'm still interested to know if there is a solution if somebody look at this message...

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    Default Re: About the military access (conditions/events) ?

    i tried that years before, and there seems no way to achieve that....

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