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    Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to ask for this, but I need help with a mod I'm making.
    I want to mod a (existent) unit of riflemen so they can shoot faster, more or less like a WW1 weapon. I change some things in Unit_stats_land_tables and projectiles_tables
    I change the Base Time reload to 1 (second) of their projectile and it worked, but the animation of reload (put the bullet and so) still take some time (only the "cleaning" of the weapon last 1 second), then I change the cell unknow8 from "foot_musket" to mounted_carbine and now is quicklier but not enough, so I (finally) ask:

    Do u people know what weapon had the faster animation? Or what I have to change to make them shoot faster? (It doesn't have to be a submachine gun, but at least I need to know what is the weapon with faster animation, or how to change the time of that animation)

    Thank u guys, sorry for my English

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