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Thread: EB2 2.3 Let's Play

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    Episode 51: Maroadas Patronos, holds his force on the border, in order to prevent the desert tribe from migrating back into Ptolemaioi territory. Repairs to local infrastructure are put underway; there has been extensive devastation caused by the desert tribe. After a number of months, intelligence shows that the desert tribe has been devastating Seleukid territories and has encamped itself firmly in their territory. The Seleukid king himself, Basileus Seleukos, arrives on the scene and drives the desert tribe south, right to the border. Here, he mercilessly destroys them. Shortly after the battle, accounts of brutality and mass executions, reach Maroadas Patronos. However, he is more concerned with the fact, that the Seleukid king is now in Ptolemaioi territory. Not only this, the Seleukid king has been forcing locals to re-supply his army, excusing his behaviour by reason of quelling a mutual problem. Maroadas, sends a trusted friend, serving alongside him in the army, to suggest that the Seleukid king return to his own territory. Unfortunately, this friend does not share the same level of tact, possessed by the likes of Polyxenos Salaminios, and ends up being thrown out of the Seleukid camp, having greatly angered the king. In response, Basileus Seleukos, moves his army south, further into Ptolemaioi territory, and marches alarmingly close to Ptolemaios-Theron. Thankfully, the threat carries no substance, and the king turns east, marching at speed towards Damaskos. Maroadas, gently, escorts the Seleukid force from the area. For now, the tensions between the Ptolemaioi and Seleukid empire subside. Once this task is completed, Maroadas marches the army back to Bostra and disbands his men.

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    Episode 52: To the North of Side, two Cappodacian tribal leaders, of the same family, continue to raid and pillage. The Basileus, currently visiting Salamis, is impressed by Kelanor Itanou Kretikou. Private meetings are held between them, on the subject of the Cappodacian threat. It is decided, that an army shall be raised, to be led by Kleanor, and the necessary tax and man-power burdens, shall fall, primarily, on Side and Halikarnassos. Hence, a general muster in those regions begins and, after a time, an army is brought together. Ophellas Pelopos, a long standing friend of Kleanor, is appointed second in command. His orders are to command the center, but also, the Karian, Lykian, Pamphylian and Psidian reserves, whilst, on the right, Klenor shall command his hand-picked contingents of Kretans and other soldiers from Salamis. Once again, Keltic contingents are present, led separately by their own leader. They shall hold the left flank. The army marches north and offers battle to the Cappodacian brothers. The offer is accepted, although reports suggest panic in the enemy ranks. Just before the battle, a messenger arrives, with disturbing news of a far larger, better equipped and trained, Seleukid army, approaching from the west. The intentions of the Seleukids are unclear. For a moment, Kleanor hesitates, but decides he still wishes to deal with the Cappodacian threat first. Then, when victorious, move west to confront the Seleukid incursion.

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    Episode 53: The battle to defeat the Cappodacian brothers, Hero and Tharypas.

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    Episode 54: The Basileus sets his sights on Meroe. Preparations for the third Ethiopian expedition begin in earnest. Command of the expedition is given to Agemachos Andromachou. Timosthenes Arnouphios, recently married into the family, is given the position of second in command.
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    Very nice to follow this charlieh. It's good to see a Let's Play of a "big" faction like the Ptolemies, these are intimidating for me to play because it seems like I have to pay attention to too many fronts, how to divide my resources, etc.

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    Thank you HarkonRules, I hear you, its taken me a long time to get to grips with everything that goes on; it certainly keeps you on your toes!

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    Episode 55: Agemachos marches south, keeping close to the Nile, which is providing his supplies. Demokritos Sebennytios provides almost daily reports on any threats that they may encounter on the march; lessons have been learnt from the previous Ethiopian expedition. A Seleukid noble, Eumenes Parthyaios, marches into territory belonging to Bostra. This aggressive posturing, elicits an increase of troops in the Bostra garrison. Eumenes, having made his point, retreats back into Seleukid territory. Koinon Hellenon, seemingly out of nowhere, declare war and send a fleet to blockade Krete. This naval force is surrounded and defeated by two separate Ptolemaioi fleets, forcing a temporary Hellenic retreat. Additionally, in order to provide a strong message, the Ptolemaioi blockade Rhodos for three months. At first, it seems the situation is calming, so the blockade is lifted. However, the Hellenes, cunning as always, manage to launch a surprise invasion of Krete, landing a significant force, north of Knossos. The autonomous government at Knossos, rapidly engages on a general recruitment drive, to sure up defences. Back in the extreme south, Agemachos, eventually, reaches Meroe and begins siege preparations. His aim is to starve the inhabitants into submission, cutting off any supplies, via land, or, river.

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    Episode 56: Arkhandros, leader of the land forces, for the Hellenic expedition on Krete, decides neither to attack Knossos, fearing the recently increased garrison, nor to leave the island, as he enjoys relative freedom, in pillaging the surrounding countryside. A few months later, a huge naval battle takes place, north of the island, in which, although losing an entire fleet, the Ptolemaioi are victorious. This major blow to the campaign does not deter Arkhandros. He stubbornly refuses to yield and doubles his plundering efforts, in an attempt to maintain his army, now that most of the naval support has been destroyed. Meanwhile, back at Alexandreia, the Basileus' health rapidly diminishes, and, within a couple of weeks, he passes, peacefully, surrounded by his family, advisors and priests. The faction heir, Ptolemaios Nios, currently governing the troublesome city of Ephesos, is urged to return to the capital, in order to take up his position as the new Basileus. However, he is currently occupied, dealing with a surprise potential Getai threat, in the north-west of his territory. The apparent slowness of Ptolemaios Nios in taking up his new position, irks the inhabitants of Alexandreia; they are anxious to maintain the status quo. Consequently, confidence drops and market prices sore. Discontent begins to fester. Fortunately, the Getai threat is non-existent and, therefore, Ptolemaois Nios, takes the earliest opportunity to make the arduous voyage and take up his royal appointment. Meanwhile, the Seleukids continue to posture aggressively, especially to the east, where their movements cause much consternation. Back on Krete, the Hellenic expedition grinds to a halt and, eventually, this prompts Arkhandros to ask for a diplomatic embassy. An up and coming diplomat, Mnasimachos Larkanaios, trained at Knossos, negotiates with the Hellenic leader, and it is agreed compensation is required for the inhabitants of the island, in order for any agreement to be made. This is accepted, and, thus, the second Ptolemaioi-Hellenic conflict comes to an end. To the extreme south, Agemachos Andromachou, has been sieging Meroe for some two years and has become increasingly complacent his military duties. Therefore, seeing the increasing disarray of the Ptolemaioi forces, the Noubades, led by their leader, Mu'di, suddenly sally forth and catch everyone off guard.

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    Episode 57: The Noubades, sally forth from Meroe.

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    This Let's Play is inspiring me to try a game as your archnemesis : The Grey Death, aka Arche Seleukeia. I'll ask if someone has any tips or directions to have a semblance of a chance.

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    @Harkon Rules: Ah, I'll be at war with you soon then, no doubt ;-) Not sure about tips specific to Arche Seleukeia, but, considering they have the largest starting empire (I think), a slow, methodical approach, making sure your people don't rebel, would be wise.

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    Episode 59: The siege of Meroe has been long, expensive and, potentially, damaging, to the reputation of Agemachos Andromachou. In light of this, it is decided that the inhabitants and survivors will pay a heavy price. A large proportion of the population is sold into slavery, and many are executed outside the settlement. The army is disbanded, in an attempt, to try and re-populate part of the settlement and its surroundings. An allied government is quickly instituted. After this, Agemachos and Timosthenes are even less welcome than before and, protected by mercenary Keltic cavalry, leave the settlement and begin their journey home. Basileus Ptolemaios Nios, decides to hold several months of festivities, in order to celebrate the victory, in conjunction with the completion of the new temple, dedicated to Zeus-Ammon. This reinforces his political position. The Seleukids declare war on allies of the Ptolemaioi; the Nabatu. Bostra is set to be a flash-point between the two factions. Consequently, it is decided that a new army will be recruited, led by Ophellas Pelopos, in oder to protect assets in the area and instigate aggressive manoeuvres in and around the Damaskos border. The Seleukids have been gaining in confidence and now this must be tempered. Another Cappodacian army, led by a certain, Trechus, freely roams and pillages the country-side, north of Side.

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    This sounds like an exciting campaign! If you ever want to post an After Action Report in the Writers' Study using this mod (or any other), you'd be welcome to do so. Of course, I can see why you'd want to post a campaign report here, to attract readers who are interested in EB and to show the game-play which the mod can offer.
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    @Alwyn: Yes, in the future, probably, in my next campaign. I shall do a campaign with in depth episodic after action reports (text, pictures, clips, etc). I am using this campaign to begin developing those skills. Thank you for the support :-)

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    Episode 60

    Noteworthy events
    Zenodotus Qusates takes control of the army, whilst Ophellas Pelopos recovers from a high fever. He marches into an area controlled by Damaskos and positions his army near to a series of quarries. The aim is show that Arche Seleukeia can be threatened and their most important resources are well within marching distance of the Ptolemaioi border. At first, this elicits the desired response. The Seleukids back away from the border as to not escalate the situation further. Consequently, Zenodotus moves his army back towards the port of Potlemais-Akko, with the aim of travelling to Salamis, then Side, in order to tackle to increasingly grave, and now, combined, Cappodacian threat. However, intelligence arrives, suggesting that two strong Seleukid armies, one led by a noble, Dionytas Charakos Medikou, have arrived on the northern border of Bostra's territory. Surprised and alarmed by this, Zenodotus cancels his Cappodacian expedition, turns about and marches back east. His sole purpose now is to deter a potentially disastrous Seleukid invasion of Bostra and its holdings. Back on Krete, what looked, at first, like logistical incompetence, now looks overtly suspicious. Covert operations expose that Arkhandros, rather than making preparations to leave the island, is secretly receiving more troops, slowly increasing the size of his army. A Ptolemaioi fleet, currently under maintenance at the port of Krete, is quickly dispatched and surrounds the Hellenic ships supplying Arkhandros. It is unclear what the next steps should be.

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    Episode 61

    Noteworthy events
    Alarm bells are truly ringing as Seleukid forces build at the border, north of Bostra. Before, any sort of reinforcements can be sent, reports arrive that the Seleukid noble, Dionytas Charakos Medikou, has entered Ptolemaioi territory, circumvented Zenodotus and Ophellas, and is making inroads west towards Ptolemaios-Akko. Zenodotus and Ophellas immediately abandon their position and force march their army west, pursuing, then, overtaking Dionytas. They now block the path west and the Seleukid noble holds his position, waiting.... Seemingly, out of nowhere, another large Seleukid force appears, just south of the Ptolemaioi position, effectively pincering Zenodotus and Ophellas. The Seleukids are so keen to press home their numerical advantage, that they attack before dawn, whilst the stars march across the sky. Zenodotus and Ophellas, not wanting to be surprised for a second time, are prepared and take up a strong position, on higher ground. What they do not know, is that this is merely a small part of the overall Seleukid offensive. Back east, Bostra has been sieged and an amphibious assault has been executed against Salamis. The second Ptolemaioi-Seleukid war officially begins.

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    Episode 62

    Noteworthy events
    Zenodotus and Ophellas attempt to hold off the attack of Dionytas Charakos Medikou and Captain Hamaktyon

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    Episodes 63, 64 and 65

    Noteworthy events

    Zenodotus Qusates is captured, already badly injured. He is executed, half-conscious, in front of the other prisoners. The prisoners are then shackled and marched away, to start their new lives, as slaves. Despite falling from his horse and breaking a leg, Ophellas Pelopos is saved by his trusted retinue and quickly escorted from the battlefield, whilst the rest of the army routes. They head east, carrying their commander and meet up with the few remaining stragglers who have amalgamated, just west of Bostra. Seeing that Bostra is under siege and that he, nor his army, are in any position to help, Ophellas despairs, and disbands the survivors. He goes south, hiring some additional Arabic mercenary cavalry for protection. Leaders of a minor Nabatu settlement, just south of the border, take him in. His wounds are dressed and he is permitted, as a guest of honour, to reside there, whilst he convalesces. Dionytas Charakos Medikou, marches west and lays siege to Ptolemais-Akko. The mutilated corpse of Zenodotus is carted through the dust ridden streets, evoking cries of anguish and fear. This, after much procession, is delivered to the residence of the standing governor, Thessalos Neoptolemaiou. A message, demanding an immediate surrender, quickly follows. Despite the shock (word not yet having reached the settlement, concerning the defeat of Zenodotus and Ophellas), this is denied and, consequently, Dionytas, rapidly erects siege works. Only after a few weeks, Dionytas, fearing, lest his recent momentum will grind to a ignominious halt, orders an assault on the settlement.

    Although Dionytas is killed, after a foolhardy charge, Ptolemais-Akko falls, and the Lykou family lose two of their most prominent males. The standing governor, Thessalos Neoptolemaiou, also falls, desperately defending the main square.

    Shortly after, Bostra succumbs, leaving Maroadas Patronos, Philammon Sosibou and Melankomas Paphou Kypriakou all dead. Although there is looting and killing after the assault, the Seleukids, generally speaking, occupy the settlement without much bloodshed.

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    Episode 66

    Noteworthy events

    Winged rumour rapidly reaches the capital, and other settlements, concerning the total capitulation of Ptolemaioi holdings in the east. Just as Ptolemais Nios is beginning to enjoy his position, after working hard to solidify it, the people's opinion of him sours. Propaganda begins spreading touting the new Basileus as cursed by the gods. In response, Ptolemais Nios, commissions a new army, to be lead by Epikrates Ptolemaiou, for the purpose of retaking the lost holdings, especially the port settlement of Akko (now renamed, as it belongs to the Seleukids). That being said, the Basileus knows it will take time to recover the situation, economically and militarily. Therefore, an immediate embassy is dispatched to Akko, with the purpose of obtaining a temporary ceasefire. The now primary Ptolemaioi diplomat, Pertaios Agiades Lakedaimonios, highly skilled in the art of negotiation, secures a deal with the Seleukids, and their armies, at last, begin to retreat. So ends the second Ptolemaioi-Arche Seleukeia war. Seasons pass, and as the new royal army completes its recruitment, a Nabatu/Nabati diplomat arrives at the capital, urgently seeking an audience with the Basileus. He pleads with the Ptolemaioi leader, regarding the fate of his home, Rekem, that has been under consistent attack, from the Seleukids. The inhabitants, against the odds, have already fought off two assaults, but are now at the point of starvation and exhaustion. As long time allies of the Nabatu/Nabati, but, more pertinently, due to the close proximity of Rekem to the Ptolemaioi heartland, the Basileus states he will send the new royal army to try and relieve Rekem. However, the caveats are; the Ptolemaioi shall not engage directly (unless absolutely necessary) with the Seleukids, instead acting as a deterrent, and also, that the army will stay no longer than one year, as it's primary objective lies to the north. Spies are sent ahead to investigate the area, revealing a rather dire situation. Epikrates marches east and arrives at the border, taking stock of his provisions and planning the treacherous march ahead, across desert.

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    Episode 67

    Noteworthy events

    Epikrates reaches Rekem, just in time to deter a third assault. Epikrates sends diplomats to the Seleukid camp, stating they must show a willingness to cease current operations. Agothokles refuses, but suggests another meeting, in three days time. Ophellas Pelopos, desiring revenge and the resurrection of his tattered reputation (having lost another small skirmish against a force of Aphistemenoi), seizes the opportunity to persuade Epikrates in declaring an aggressive ultimatum; all Seleukid operations in Nabatu territory must stop, and, this must be followed by a general retreat of Seleukid forces from the area. This, of course, is summarily dismissed, effectively, signifying the resumption of conflict between the Ptolemaioi and Arche Seleukeia (the third Ptolemaioi-Arche Seleukeia war officially begins with the blockade of Tarsos). Ironically, Agothokles is forced to retreat anyway, as a much larger, newly formed, Nabatu army races north to force the issue. Ptolemais Nios, sends word, that he is discontented with Epikrates and, as soon as Rekem is secured, he is to return and justify his actions. Again, Ophellas Pelopos persuades Epikrates to disobey and the royal army delays its return, travelling north to attempt a combined operation against the now, rapidly retreating Agothokles. Basileus Ptolemais Nios does not sleep; his concerns are growing by the day. Epikrates is a commander he cannot trust, the royal purse is haemorrhaging funds and, now, Arkhandros, suddenly reappears, backed by a huge combined Hellenic invasion force, bent on taking Knossos. Word is sent to Alexandreia that the semi-democratic government, in force at Knossos, will honour their obligations and fight to defend the settlement, but beg reinforcement. The Basileus knows this is a forlorn hope, but sends word back that a relief force is imminent. It is all in vain, Arkhandros, efficiently organises the siege and, after but a single week, orders the assault. The men of Knossos take spear and shield in order to defend their homes, families and livehood.

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