Episode 51: Maroadas Patronos, holds his force on the border, in order to prevent the desert tribe from migrating back into Ptolemaioi territory. Repairs to local infrastructure are put underway; there has been extensive devastation caused by the desert tribe. After a number of months, intelligence shows that the desert tribe has been devastating Seleukid territories and has encamped itself firmly in their territory. The Seleukid king himself, Basileus Seleukos, arrives on the scene and drives the desert tribe south, right to the border. Here, he mercilessly destroys them. Shortly after the battle, accounts of brutality and mass executions, reach Maroadas Patronos. However, he is more concerned with the fact, that the Seleukid king is now in Ptolemaioi territory. Not only this, the Seleukid king has been forcing locals to re-supply his army, excusing his behaviour by reason of quelling a mutual problem. Maroadas, sends a trusted friend, serving alongside him in the army, to suggest that the Seleukid king return to his own territory. Unfortunately, this friend does not share the same level of tact, possessed by the likes of Polyxenos Salaminios, and ends up being thrown out of the Seleukid camp, having greatly angered the king. In response, Basileus Seleukos, moves his army south, further into Ptolemaioi territory, and marches alarmingly close to Ptolemaios-Theron. Thankfully, the threat carries no substance, and the king turns east, marching at speed towards Damaskos. Maroadas, gently, escorts the Seleukid force from the area. For now, the tensions between the Ptolemaioi and Seleukid empire subside. Once this task is completed, Maroadas marches the army back to Bostra and disbands his men.