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Thread: EB2 2.3 Let's Play

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    @Agathodaimon: Thanks mate, I will send one, when next on steam.

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    Episode 32: Lysimachos Ptolemaiou, returns to Memphis with his depleted royal army and disbands a large section of his men, many of whom are weary of fighting. He sends word to the Basileus, that his army is heavily depleted and, therefore, seeking a temporary ceasfire with the Qarthadastim, would be wise. Patroklos Patronos lands at the port of Ptolemais-Akko. Here, he orders locals to provide provisions, before setting off to confront the desert tribe, led by Milikertes. Ploutos Salaminios spots a large Qarthadastim force heading towards the border. Lysimachos, is forced to engage on a rapid recruitment programme and marches west to meet the Qarthadastim force. The Qarthadastim have also suffered in this first war, but are determined to avenge the death and imprisonment of two family members; Shafat and Hanno. They draw up battle lines, bent on throwing all they've got at the Ptolemaioi.
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    Episode 33: Brutal battle against the Qarthadastim. They attempt to swam our lines.

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    Episode 34: Polyxenos Salaminios is sent back to Kyrene, where the Qarthadastim, belatedly, accept a ceasefire. So ends the first war between the Ptolemaioi and Qarthadastim. Both sides have lost thousands of men and, effectively, two family members each. Lysimachos Ptolemaioi, and his depleted army, march back to the vicinity of Memphis. Here, almost the entire royal army is disbanded and men who held spears, return to the tend fields. A cost cutting programme, sees garrisons reduced to a newly formed template and new members of the royal family are brought safely into the world. The omens seem, for once, on the side of the Ptolemaioi. Meanwhile, to the east, Patroklos Patronos, attempts to lure Milekertes to battle, but Mu'airu has persuaded the desert tribe to join forces. Patroklos Patronos, after another attempt, at seperating the two armies, has no choice, but to drive them both from the lands of the Ptolemaioi. Mu'airu, takes overall command of the enemy forces, and summons all to an assembly. Here, he makes a rousing speech, and, particularly calls upon the Nabatu contingent, to remember who stole their homes and killed many of their kin. He swears vengeance, as the final surviving member of the Nabatu aristocracy, and tells the people of the desert tribe, that if they help him destroy the Ptolemaioi army and retake his birth-place, they too can call Bostra, home.

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    Episode 35: The omens turn bad again and the men grow uneasy, but Patroklos Patronos rallies their spirits, calling upon his victories against the Keltoi, under similar circumstances. He, and his son, take to the field to face off against the much larger Milekertes/Mu'airu army.

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    Episode 36: After seeing to his son's funeral, Patroklos Patronos rests at Ptolemais-Akko. A new fleet is built at its port and, upon completion, he sets off home, with his army. Arriving at Side, he disbands the rest of his troops. Many men do not return to their families, and, on the streets of Side, wailing can heard behind closed doors; such is the price of war. Patroklos Patronos orders his one remaining son, Maroadas Patronos, to travel to Alexandreia, so that he can receive his education at the Akademia. Maroadas does so, but, rather than study, he chases women and is married by the end of the year. The Basileus, seeing that his kingdom is now, relatively speaking, at peace, grants more autonomy to certain states, according to governmental infrastructure. Such autonomy is met with open arms and governors set to spending large sums on construction projects, likely serving as a distraction to local inhabitants, whilst they deepen their pockets.

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    Episode 37: Further construction projects are enacted across the Ptolemaioi territories, garrisons are strengthened to keep locals in check. A new navy is built from scratch. Contemplating future conquest of Krete.

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    Episode 38: The Basileus gives his blessing to the proposed invasion of Krete. He sends Admiral Ischyrion to make a survey of the island. The mastermind behind the invasion plans, Lysimachos Ptolemaiou (son of the faction heir), conscripts men from Halikarnassos and Ephesos. Due to a lack of man power in the region, mercenaries are brought, for large sums of gold, to make up the remaining section of the army. Thus, the army is half conscript, half mercenary. Once combined, the force marches to the port of Halikarnassos and awaits favourable seafaring conditions.

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    Episode 39: Construction continues, at full steam, across the territories. Lysimachos Ptolemaiou, sets off from the port of Halikarnassos, lands at the main Kretan port and quickly secures it; there is little resistance. A blockade is also established to diminish enemy supplies sneaking through. He then slowly moves east, across the island, and minor settlements surrender, one upon the other, until he is in the vicinity of Knossos. Ainesidemos, the leader of the Kretai, burns the majority of crops and retreats back into the settlement. Lysimachos, sets about surrounding the settlement, but decides, that he does not wish to risk an assault; fearing the reputation of the Toxotai Kretikoi. Therefore, he elects to starve the inhabitants out, hoping this will bring them to surrender, without bloodshed. After just a few months, grain supplies are running low, for the Kretai, and the Ptolemaioi army is still being well supplied by sea. Ainesidemos, realises his options are few and calls upon all men, of fighting age, to arms. Make-shift spears and shields are put together by families, wives and children watch, forlorn, as husbands and fathers march out to defend their homes. They must win this battle, or, all is lost. Their spirits are raised, when word is sent of another Kretan force, previously in hiding, coming to reinforce them on the battlefield. Lysimachos Ptolemaiou, retreats some small distance and sets up his force, awaiting this decisive engagement.

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    Episode 40: The battle for Krete

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    Episode 41: Beginning the process of integrating Krete/Knossos into our territories. Maroadas Patronos completes his education, and travels to Bostra, to take over the governorship. Construction, in all provinces, continues. The Royal purse begins to swell. People are, generally speaking (except the usual gripes at Diospolis Megale), content and spending more.

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    Hope you all had a good Christmas ;-)

    Episode 42: The Basileus sees fit to order a second Ethiopian epedition. The aim is to retake Ptolemaios-Theron. Themistokrates Gazaios, a heartless, but highly loyal ex-governor, is given overall command of the army. The young, Melaineus Aetou, cuts his education slightly short, in order serve as second in command. The Basileus encourages governors, across all his territories, to increase tax rates, in order to pay for the expedition. The expedition is postponed, as an Aphistamenoi force, is disrupting the caravan route between Alexandreia and Memphis. Here, diplomacy has failed. The commander, captain Tharrybas, although initially receptive to a bribe, is now not interested, evading the pleas of the royal diplomat, Polyxenos Salaminios. The new army must march north to destroy this threat, then it can begin its objective expedition.

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    Episode 43: As we reach one hundred turns, the Aphistamenoi are destroyed, and the second Eithiopian expedition, finally, begins. A very concerning development to the north east; a large Seleukid force positions itself, near the border to Bostra. Tensions between the Seleukids and Ptolemaioi are rising. A second war could be just around the corner.

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    Episode 44: Themisotkrates Gazaios, heads south with the army, but the expedition takes an embarrassing, then, potentially, disastrous turn, as he is chased back towards Pselkis by two large, North African tribal armies.

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    Episode 45: Having been pursued into home territory, with no sign of let up, Themistokrates Gazaios, turns about his grumbling army to face Metiochos and Erginos. Facing poor odds, the Machimoi contingent threaten to mutiny, but are, brutally, put back into place. What started out, as an expedition to expand, has now turned into one of defence.

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    [Apologies for the microphone interference. I have a new headset, which is more sensitive. I shall attempt to adjust, for the next installment].

    Episode 46: Some pockets of discontented peoples, living in Knossos, long for absolute autonomy. They conive with the government at Rhodos to intervene and send a small force to take the settlement. Word of this reaches the Basileus, before the plan can be fully enacted. The Ptolemaioi navy combines at Salamis at sails to Rhodos, looking to retaliate, however their navy has already moved and blockaded the port of Knossos. The, mostly, autonomous goverment at Knossos, quickly musters more men, in order to sure up the garrison. The small Hellenic force, recently landed nearby, has lost the element of suprise and decides to hold position, some ten miles north of the settlement. Thus, in these pitiful circumstances, the good relations between the Ptolemaioi and Koinon Hellenon are shattered; war shall follow. To the extreme south, Erginos does not pursue
    Themistokrates Gazaios, but, instead, lets his vast cavalry contingents roam free, raiding numerous villages along the Nile. Word gets to the camp of Themistokrates Gazaios, that hundreds of prisoners; primarily women and children, have been taken and are being led back, in chains, south. Knowing his reputation has already taken significant damage, due to the recently failed second Ethiopian expedition, Themistokrates Gazaios marches south to confront Erginos. Battle is offered and Erginos accepts, but seeing the extent of his forces and favourable position, Themistokrates Gazaios withdraws once more. He hopes that the North African tribal general will pursue, allowing him the advantage of setting up in a superior position. Erginos, cunningly, does nothing and continues to raid and pillage, but with an eye on the horizon. Pressure grows on Themistokrates Gazaios by the day and, eventually, he is obliged to attack. He knows this is is only chance to regain a favourable reputation with the Basileus.

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    Episode 47: The battle against Erginos

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    Episode 48: Erginos' body is not found on the battlefield, but it soon becomes clear that his men are without their leader. What happened to the North African tribal general is never, reliably, ascertained. Themistokrates Gazaios, after pursuing and destroying the remnants of his army, wearily, marches back to Pselkis. Here, he shall disband his army, signifying the end of the second Ethiopian expedition. It is unlikely he shall be awarded another command.

    Tensions raise further and further between the Ptolemaioi and Koinon Hellenon. At first, there seems hope that a diplomatic solution can be found. An embassy is, tentatively, arranged, to be held at Rhodos. Chares Soter, a young and rising diplomat, is sent from Side and travels to the nearest port, awaiting agreeable sea-faring conditions for the short journey . However, intelligence is presented, showing the Hellenes plan to use the embassy as a distraction. Whilst the talks take place, over a number of weeks, they aim to move more troops to Krete, in preparation for the siege of Knossos. Learning this, Admiral Euphron, takes matters into his own hands and blockades Rhodos. Diplomatic talks break down and bitter curses and insults are exchanged. The Hellenes, double their invasion efforts and, soon, a force of, approximately, eight hundred men are present outside the settlement walls. After further logisitical operations, this force lays siege to Knossos. In an attempt to stop the flow of troops to the island, admiral Euphron, with his one hundred and twenty six ships, engages two Hellenic navies along it's northen coast. Both naval engagments are a total success, with one Hellenic navy forced to retreat and the other totally destroyed. That being said, the land force, seeing that its means of retreat are compromised, push forward their plans and launch the assault.

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    Episode 49: The defence of Knossos

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    Episode 50: A second embassy is sent to Rhodos, led by Chares Soter. The Rhodian government is receptive to negotiation, and a compensation package, for the inhabitants of Knossos is, after a little difficulty, agreed upon. Navies of the respective governments retreat, thus signalling an end to the first Ptolemaioi-Koinon Hellenon conflict. A new threat emerges to the east, as a desert tribe migrates west, into our territories. They devastate areas of land, outside Ptolemais-Theron, and even control it's port, for a short time. An army, consisting, primarily, of local Arabic contingents, is hastily recruited, to force them from the province. In response, they move further north, into Seleukid territory. The threat seems to have subsided...for now.

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